some fall pics

Hey there! I’m posting pics today. These are random scenes from my fall so far. This first picture is of ivy (?) growing on the outer wall of my childhood library. I took the kids there and was pleased to see that it hasn’t really changed much at all, not that it needed to. It really is a beautiful place. I wish I could pick it up and move it to where I live now.


This next picture is a scene from the pumpkin patch we went to. We ended up paying $18 for 2 not-overly-enormous pumpkins. Yup, we got taken like the suckers we are. We will not be returning next year. In this picture, there are smallish pumpkins hanging from the tree. I don’t know what that red thing is, but it looks delightful.


Ooh, yes. The picture below was taken in the Hoosier National Forest. We had a boy scout function there recently. It is really beautiful but terrifying to drive through. Basically, once you leave the paved road, you are on miles upon miles of one-lane-two-way gravel “highways” through the forest, many, many miles, curving, up and down hills, occasionally next to drop-offs.


Speaking of those highways, here’s a shot of one. This was in a flat area, as you can see. I realize part of the hood of the truck is visible in this picture. Please be assured that I wasn’t driving. No life or limb was risked.



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