Thoughts on the Hunger Games


I finally found a way to ease the agony of my hour-there-hour-back commute. A person can only listen to their personal music collection for so long before it becomes a little maddening.

Audiobooks. I can “read”, which makes the drive feel less like a waste of precious moments of life I’ll never get back. Boo yah.

I read the first Hunger Games book and with the movie coming out, I thought I’d better get to work on the second one. I’ve reached the conclusion that I like the concepts better than the actual books themselves. Does that make sense?

Katniss is not a very likable character when you get down to it. She’s kind of whiny and definitely wishy washy when it comes to picking a man. She has all the resolve of a wet noodle. I mean, come on, “girl on fire”. How many books does it take to pick a boyfriend? Plus, I swear she had the same epiphany like 3 times in book 2.

Her character in the first movie was better than it was in the book, probably because I didn’t have to suffer through the endless navel-gazing. Barf. I hope the same is true of this second movie.

I’m on Mockingjay now, the 3rd and final book. I’ll see how that goes. I hope she grows a backbone instead of just doing the tossing in the wind routine again.


2 comments on “Thoughts on the Hunger Games

  1. I listen to a ton of audiobooks. I like the fact that I can “read” during work and during my commute.

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