Gina Can Beat You Up

And look hot doing it.

Hey there everyone out in blogland!

There won’t be a movie review post this week. We watched Fast and the Furious 6 but I can’t do a review. It was really hard to watch due to the whole Paul Walker death thing, especially the scene in which his character gets in a car accident. Seriously.

I will do a sort of movie post about a person IN the movie because I think she’s totally awesome. Her name is Gina Carano and she can kick your ass with both hands tied behind her back.  She had some fighting scenes and as I was watching them, I noticed that she seemed to be doing at least most of her own stunts.

I’m going to paste some especially interesting snippets from her bio on IMDB and then the link to the whole thing below that. The full version is kind of long because it needs to capture the full scope of her awesomeness.

“Gina Joy Carano was born under a tornado warning in Dallas, Texas, to parents Dana (Cason) and Glenn Carano.”

“At the age of 21 Gina began training in Muay Thai, a form of Kickboxing, with Master Toddy at the suggestion of then boyfriend Kevin Ross. In pursuit of a life-changing experience, he ended up at a local Las Vegas Muay Thai Gym and she tagged along.”

“Months later she found herself in a “fight club” situation where she took on any female fighter plopped down in front of her. Since then she hasn’t looked back.”

“Her Muay Thai career is comprised of an impressive 12 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw and she becomes the first American woman to win a title in Thailand.”

“Classified by the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings as the third best 145 lb (66 kg.) female fighter in the world, her current MMA record stands at 7 wins and 1 loss.”

“With the help of electronic monitoring it was determined that Gina’s punches landed with 650 lbs. of force, her knees with 550 lbs. and her kicks at 800 lbs. for a combined force of 4,800 lbs. She landed all 8 blows in 3 seconds.”



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