Long Overdue Writing Updates

I thought I would do some updates because I haven’t done any in a while. I have been working, despite my lack of blog posting. I seem to be under a greater time crunch that usual. Today I decided that my video game regimen is becoming…perhaps a little excessive. I’m currently playing Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil does that to me. I’m on the 3rd storyline of 4.

Sooooo, I’m going to set that aside for a while because that is not very grown-up of me. And also because I have things that I would really like to accomplish, things that are more important than hunting virtual monsters.

First, the middle grade novel. I started that project last year. The rough draft was done quite a while ago. I put that aside and circled back around. I think it’s on edit 3 right now. I’m going to start fishing for an agent this weekend.

I also have a 3rd (?) draft for the sequel to What the Dead Fear, which is the novella. I had a rather traumatic rewrite earlier this year on that one. I’ll get back to it soon. It probably doesn’t even need that much work, she says hopefully.

What else? Oh, I did randomly start another novel. It’s a weird project. I’m not even sure how to describe it. I guess the closest description might be psychological romance? It has some psychological thriller elements but also a whole lot of romance. I know. I’m fully aware of how strange that sounds. I think the end result might be a little Hitchcock?

My notes for that book are over 10,000 words, which seems excessive to me but whatever. I have this grand idea that I can bang the thing out in like a month. I guess that was the thought process when I made notes. It is all plotted out. I’m sure it would probably go quickly if I can get a span of time in which I work on nothing else.

Maybe if I had a month-long writing retreat.

I think that’s it for now.



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