movie 300: Rise of an Empire

I am present on the blog! I have gotten out of the habit of posting, and that’s bad. I need to try and carve out some time to post more. I have been writing, believe it or not, just not here.

Description from IMDB: “Greek general Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.”

This movie was very interesting. There is some confusion at the beginning (or at least I was confused) as to when this part of the story occurs. The action seems to jump around the timeline a bit around the defeat of the 300

SO, the biggest conflict is Themistokles versus Artemisia (played by Penny Dreadful’s Eva Greene). Artemisia is a ruthless commander. She is also advisor/sort of sister to Xerxes (bald dude with crazy piercings). Her character was nuts, as was her wardrobe. There was one outfit that was black with gold spikey vertebrae sticking out the back.

Themistokles was a pretty good character, too, but not quite as interesting. He was very intelligent, however. They both were. They used some battle strategies that were very cool. There were some boat battles. Lots of blood splattering. The splattering got old after a while.

As with the first 300 movie, there was some great imagery. Slow motion sequences. Bodies sinking under the water sequences. There were some weird cat-like creatures and mastodons that appeared briefly.

The story was good. Characters were good. If you liked the first movie, you would probably like this one. I did. 300: Rise of an Empire gets an A-.