Here I am

God I miss writing. I haven’t written anything new-new since last November. At least, I think it was last November. Seems longer.

I’m on a kind of self-imposed punishment. I can’t write anything new until I release 2 books that are already written. I’ve created a bad situation for myself, and I’m not sure how I got here – 4 books in edit mode. 4. It’s absurd. I have a binder full of notes for future books and I’m sitting in a manuscript nest just holding onto these things like a crazy person.

I’m going to toss out release months right now. I will have one book out in…say…September, beginning of October. Then another one in either December or January, maybe sooner. These things must end. They must go forth into the world and do whatever it is they’re going to do, so that I can write again.

Because I really, really, really miss writing. I think when I do finally get back to it, I will either have completely forgotten what I’m doing or I’ll be off and running like my life depends on it. Maybe both. That could be interesting.

Oh, a quick Max update. It’s been over a year since he was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, and my fur baby is still kicking. He’s 16 years old now, which is pretty old in cat years. He has gained a lot of weight, even in his tail. He still has issues from time to time, but I’m pretty sure the vet got the stage 4 part of the diagnosis wrong. Glad I dropped $300+ on blood work that was inaccurate and made me very upset.

I know at his age that anything can happen at any time, so I’m not taking anything for granted. I’m glad he’s still here. Here is a picture of him looking very serious.

Max D Cat

There is a reflection of a hand in his eye. I was probably waving to get him to look at me.

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