On Deadlines

I’ve been feeling guilty about pushing out the release schedule for my books. Should I ever get published for real, I don’t want to be that writer who doesn’t meet deadlines. That’s lame.

The situation is different when you’re pretty much on your own, though. There’s the task list associated with the release: cover art, proofreading, book description, marketing stuff, etc. There’s doubt. Did I catch all of the typos? What if I have some plot inconsistency that ruins the whole story? It’s a lot.

I shouldn’t really say I’m on my own. A few people help me out with reading the things before they’re published, and I really do appreciate them, but in the end, it’s up to me to get past whatever is in the way of getting the book to the market.

I say all of this not to make excuses. I don’t want to be that writer.

What I’m saying is the level of discipline is different, or the kind of discipline is different, when I don’t answer to anyone else. There is still plenty of discipline or nothing would ever get done. I have wiggle room with my deadlines because they’re self-imposed. But that doesn’t mean I should be working that way.

So yes. I do feel bad about pushing the books out. I promise they are coming very soon. I already started my final (for real) read-thru on Juniper 2, and I have cover designs in my head for both the first novella and the sequel. Stay tuned.


One comment on “On Deadlines

  1. R. G. Tamaki says:

    I know what you mean. Deadlines are necessary, and also necessary to be continually pushed back 🙂

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