Quick Update

Hey there! I thought I’d drop by and offer an update on the writing. Okay, so Juniper 2 is in the hands of the world’s slowest proofreader for a final read-thru. He shall remain nameless, but he knows who he is, and if he’s reading this right now, he’s reading the wrong thing!!

I’m thinking about, since the release is so much later than I wanted it to be, putting it up in Wattpad just so the people who are really waiting for it can read it.  Then I’ll do a wider release later, like on Amazon and such.

I have a couple of covers. The dimensions for the covers currently look weird. They’re formatted for Kindle and I followed the directions on Amazon’s website, but they look too wide to me. I might have to make adjustments to that business when uploadin’ time arrives.

covers for the blog

The first is a revamped cover for What the Dead Fear. The second cover is for the sequel, The Blood of Guardians. My goal with the covers was atmosphere, and I also wanted them to sort of match.

I feel kind of meh about the covers, but I’m really ready to be done with all of this Juniper business. I might do a couple of simpler covers and use those instead. Either way, I need to move on with my life.

I’ll post an announcement when the book is somewhere publicly accessible.


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