Ladies of Hollywood



Okay, I know this news thing is kind of old, but my annoyance has been eating away at me for a while and I want to post about it, so I am.

Earlier this month, Dakota Johnson commented on ageism in Hollywood, asking why her mother (Melanie Griffith) and her grandmother (Tippi Hedren) can’t get roles in Hollywood, that they’re great actresses, etc. I don’t doubt their acting ability, and I don’t doubt the claim of ageism.

I even believe this bit that Dakota supposedly said – “No matter how tough you are, sometimes there’s the feeling of not being wanted. It’s absurd and cut-throat.”

What I don’t get is why these skilled ladies with fantastic resources sit around and wait for someone to hand them something. Seriously, if no one offers you a role, make one for yourself.

Hell, these days, there are kids with webcams slapping stuff up on youtube and making fairly large amounts of money. And most of them don’t have rich, artsy friends.

So here’s my unsolicited advice to the ladies who feel undervalued. Don’t talk about the problem and hope that things might eventually change. Get off your butt.

Team up with your undervalued lady writer friend, your undervalued lady director friend, and your undervalued lady actor friends and make something real. Pool your resources, because together, you are stronger than the people who disregard you.

Make an indie film. Slap it up on the internet if you have to. The internet is free worldwide distribution, baby.

I will also mention that my writing services are almost always available, and my older lady characters kick ass in their own unique ways.

Here’s the link to the article.


2 comments on “Ladies of Hollywood

  1. Jack St. Cyr says:

    Yes, you are right. So many people want things handed to them, Like a free education, free healthcare, want their school loans paid by the government, etc. Tippi Hedren (classic Hitchcock Icy Blonde). I was astounded she is still alive! Anyway she strikes me as an over the top whiner. She whined about Hitchcock chasing her around the casting couch 50 years after it supposedly happened. That was her story, and he is dead so can’t defend himself. He probably did it, so would I. She was super hot back then. Don’t know too much about her daughter Melanie Griffith,. She seems to have substance abuse problems. Probably can’t stay sober enough to work a cellphone camera. Poor girl. Dakota Johnson “acts” in one crappy movie, and presumes to tell the world how things should work. Anyway, couldn’t agree with you more. BTW have you tried writing a screenplay? You might try translating one of your books into a screenplay and then market that.

    • RL says:

      People do like to have things handed to them. I don’t remember who said it but there’s a quote about opportunities looking a whole lot like work.

      I’ve wondered about writing screenplays before. If I thought someone would be interested, I totally would!

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