Trials and Trilogies

Hi! How are my favorite internet people? Not too much is going on over here, except for work. There’s always work, which is fine and dandy by me.

Writing the last part of a trilogy is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I’ve written sequels before and that wasn’t a huge deal , but a three-fer is apparently an entirely different animal. This one is the third AnnaBeth book.

As I’ve moved along her story line, things have gotten more complex. Book 1 was an introduction to her world. Book 2 built on that. Book 3 builds on everything.

I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible but fresh at the same time, which means new characters. I’ve got 7 new ones in this installment. That seems like a lot.

They’re kind of grouped together, though. Like a pair of them are demons, and there’s a witch and warlock couple. I have a 2-in-1 ghost. So, if you can remember who one is, you can probably remember the other one.

I did cut some characters, at least 4 that I can think of off the top of my head. They didn’t die or anything; they just aren’t in this book. So maybe it will balance out in the end.

One main character might die. I don’t know for sure yet. I have to see where the story wants to go.

I have a goal to finish the rough draft by 2/28. I think that’s about 2 months from when I started. It’s a nice time frame, efficient but not nanowrimo-level crazy. I’m at about 50,000 words at the moment. I can make it if I get my butt moving.

That’s the project for this weekend – typing many words. I don’t think my social butterfly husband planned anything, which means extended quiet time may be in my near future.

Oh, I should mention that Love and the Dark is now free on Amazon. Woo! So if you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, here is the link.

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Love and the Dark

Hey there, cats and kittens! Guess what. It’s new book time! That’s right after several delays due to me, the thing is done; the thing is available. And it’s free, unless you have some extreme attachment to Amazon. It’s 99 cents there.

Sooo, it’s a sort-of romance inspired by the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren, only my actress is into her director. I say it’s sort of a romance because there’s other stuff going on. People are getting murdered. The mafia is running around being charming, and there are the Hollywood people, some of them being equally charming. I liked this one a lot, and I think it shows.

It’s only available in ebook form at the moment. I’ll get the print edition out later this year when I try to get all of that biz cleaned up. I’ve got some old editions that need to go.

Anyway, stop reading this, and go read the book. It’s free (except for on amazon). If you like it, I hope you’ll leave a review because those are important to us wordslingers.


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