quick writing updates

Writing has been rough lately. I do have a book that I’m working on that I planned to churn out as quickly as possible, but it turns out my notes weren’t as good as I thought they were before I started.

The way has been a little uphill, but I am getting there. I love the story. It has an awesome title, which I am not yet ready to share, but henceforth, I’ll call it “Oceans” on the blog.

Current word count is about 15000 words. I should finish the rough draft before the end of April if all goes well. Then I’ll have 2 rough drafts done this year so far. Not bad for just April, even if I do say so myself.

I’m also going to work on getting print copies of Love and the Dark together. People have been asking for it, and by people, I mean my mimaw. I’ve been lazy about the print book and some other things, like audiobooks. I have way too much that I’ve been putting off.

Does anyone want to be my unpaid assistant? No? Darn. That never works.

While I’m on here, I would like to apologize to the person who bought Llewyn’s Faith on Amazon the other day. I appreciate the business. I actually need more of it, but that story is currently not in the best condition. I’m actually in the process of fixing a few typos that shouldn’t have made it that far.

If you are that person and you’re all like what the crap is this crap? Then please message me and I will send you the fixed version plus one of my other books of your choice for free.

I do plan to rerelease Llewyn’s Faith on a wider distribution once it’s fixed. It’s only listed on Amazon at the moment.

That’s all for now. Later, gators.

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