In which pie was used as a metaphor

I didn’t get much writing done this weekend. Due to some barometric pressure insanity, I woke up with a migraine on Saturday. I threw everything I had at it, but the thing insisted on sticking around until about 3pm.

There was also an additional child in my house and I had to go get people food, etc. Needless to say, my mini writing retreat was a bust.


Maybe next time. I did get started. My very sad word count was just over 2000 words.

Allow me to illustrate my disappointment using this dented pie, which was only slightly less of a disappointment.


Much like my word count, the pie was squished. It still tastes okay, though, and I am around to write another day.

I have a new goal of getting a few hours of writing in every Saturday. That will be a helpful thing. I may have to spend some of those hours at the library if I really don’t want to be interrupted.

I have a Goodreads giveaway for a signed copy of Love and the Dark that should go live tomorrow. I’ll post a link on the blog once I have one.


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