And, we’re working. We’re working.

The NaNoWriMo project continues. Current word count: 10,754.

I’ve been overly conscious of story pacing or maybe just paranoid about the pacing. I always feel like I’m either rushing or going too slow. Nothing feels quite right.

I am muddling through, though.

The distractions have been true and real. The pull of Destiny 2 is strong, but I’m doin’ okay! Somehow. Also, the husband distracts me with various house things. I think he’s secretly trying to sabotage me.

I would like to get a day or two ahead on the word count because I know, at some point, I’m going to miss a day, and that will be a bad situation.





3 comments on “And, we’re working. We’re working.

  1. alexandrareads says:

    OMg, this post is so relatable. Except for you know single pringle. But besides that I am getting so distracted while writing my NaNoWriMo project and than I will write like 387456 words and get stuck.

    • RL says:

      It is hard! The sprints can make up for it, though. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. 😉

      • alexandrareads says:

        Same, I am just starting to get behind and I don’t have any much time to write and my had is running around in a thousand directions, so I plan to triple it up tomorrow.

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