Busy Bees Gather No Moss

or something like that. I’ve been crazy busy, just the way I like.

The Authors Read Podcast is going pretty well. I ended up added recording services to the mix due to email request. There’s a charge for that, of course, because that’s way more work than simply putting together a post. I’m happy to help out my fellow authors, but when we start getting into hours of labor, we need to talk moola. Know what I’m saying?

Also, I received the proof for the updated print version of the first Desmond book today. This is what it looks like.


Shiny, shiny. This is the second proof I ordered because the color on the first one was way jacked up. Printers really like a certain range of colors. If you feed the printer a color it doesn’t understand, it freaks out and just kind of does whatever. Apparently, the first version had one of those “off” colors. It did not look nice.

This print version is not yet available. I’m still deciding whether to move the title up a few notches. I probably will.


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