Failing Until I Don’t

I’ve been listening to a lot of celebrity audiobooks lately. Sounds so cheap, doesn’t it? 😆

The latest one was called Fail Until You Don’t, written and read by Bobby Bones, a DJ out of Nashville with a super annoying voice. The book made me think a lot, though.

I fail all the time. Pretty much all of my books fail in the traditional sense. My sales numbers live in the gutter. Not that being a “celebrity” is really on my to-do lost, but it’s nice when people actually read your work.

One thing I have been successful in doing is not giving up. I persevere. And as I listened to this book and other similar books, the writers/actors/etc were successful because they were willing to keep failing.

I also noticed that most of them work way harder than I do, especially the Bobby guy. Like seriously, he might want to slow down a smidge if he likes the idea of old age. Exhaustion can kill you.

The books make me feel better because none of them were superstars out of the gate. I’ve always had this idea that people like that were the golden children, blessed by God or some unseen force, whatever. But no.

They persevered. They worked their butts off, for real. They faced rejection, and they kept going. They wore the universe down until it gave them some things they wanted, maybe not all the things but many things.

So I feel a little better about my pretty much constant stream of failures. I have more in common with the successful people than I thought…except for the work ethic. I still need to improve that.


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