Author Headshots

I dread new headshots. I plan to get a new set together sometime before the new series launches. Have I mentioned that I hate getting my picture taken? Ugh, it’s the worst. I always look like Sloth from The Goonies in pictures…or maybe just in general. Hey you guys!

My enthusiasm is not exactly charged by other author headshots either. Like, how boring can we get? Let’s wear a snazzy jacket and pose in front of some books or trees. How original! Ooh, or let’s sit in a chair, perhaps at a jaunty angle to show our “rebellious” side. It’s like one notch above yearbook photos.

You know who has some excellent author photos? Oscar Wilde. Just look at this haughty m-effer right here.

That HAT. Here’s another one.

That cane looks like a scepter because he was KING of the words.

I want cool pictures with props and scenery. AND I want to dress like Helena Bonham Carter. I want people to look and my pictures and ask, “What’s up with this weirdo?”

But the real question is….am I working on this? Yes. I am working on all the things.

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