The Story in the Book

Oh, this is a fine Monday, isn’t it? I think so. Did everyone have a lovely weekend? We had a lot of rain here…really a lot. Roads flooded. Arks were constructed. It was crazy.

I finally got my hands on a hard copy of the book in which one of my stories was published. It came out last August. I was not efficient about ordering.

Here’s a picture of the cover.

Indianas Emerging Authors

Here’s my name!


Yay me! This was the first time that someone else published my work, unless you count when I was in kindergarten, and they put one or two of my classroom projects in the newspaper.

I haven’t read the stories by my fellow Indiana authors. I plan to, eventually.

When I first heard about this book, I had the bright idea that I might track one or two of them down and try to befriend them. I don’t have any local writer friends, at least none that are actively writing and definitely none that are weird like me. The weird side gets lonely sometimes.

Anyway, if you want a copy to call your very own, here’s the link to Amazon.

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