The Good Omens Box

The other day, our Amazon order came in this colorful bit of cardboard.

good omens box

Looks like a Loot Crate or something, doesn’t it? I thought it was pretty cool, but then again, I am somewhat easily amused.

I wonder how effective this marketing technique is. Would you watch a show based on an advertisement printed on a box? I mean, it would definitely increase customer awareness of the existence of said show or remind people if they forgot.

But what would the ROI be on a thing like this? The cost to produce this was likely more than the regular box. I want to see numbers, Amazon! Not really for any reason other than the fact that I’m incredibly nosy.

On a related subject, if you haven’t seen this show, and you have Prime, you should totally watch it. It is both smart and hilarious.

Personally, they had me at Neil Gaiman and David Tennant, no snazzy box necessary. I’d watch almost anything that involves either of them, unless it was like some super boring chick flick.

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