A Conservation of Energy

I don’t know about you, but I have a somewhat limited supply of energy for every day. I’ve noticed that certain activities use way more energy than others.

I’m not talking physical activity. That uses energy as well, of course, but in this case, I’m talking about mental energy. Given all that I’m working on, I still need my brain to function at the end of the day.

My current listening is the audiobook The 4-Hour Workweek. This is an interesting book. I might mention it again later once I finish it.

One thing the author mentioned was that he stopped reading the news. I was like who does that? He did it to be more effective at focusing on things that were more important to him that keeping up with current events.

Then I thought about how much time I spend scrolling through news feeds and how little of it helps me in any sort of way. I paid attention to how much energy that activity used.

How much energy could scrolling through headlines expend, you ask? More than I thought, for sure.

First, in order to find stuff I might actually want to read, I have to scroll through a thousand posts on politics. I do not like politics. Honestly, the constant bickering on both sides makes me sick. I’ve seen toddlers with better manners. Anyway, so almost every political post gives me this little surge of annoyance.

No big deal. Whatever. Scroll more. Tragedy? Sadness. Celebrity tackiness? Possibly more annoyance, possibly entertainment. Tensions between our country and others? Worry. The decline of our environment? Helplessness.

What am I gaining from reading this stuff? Neurosis? I have enough anxiety thank-u-very-much.

The only articles that possibly benefit or entertain me are the video game updates, movie/TV news, and business-related articles. Even 90% of those don’t really help me do anything.

The undesirable stuff doesn’t seem like a big deal, but multiply it times four or five per weekday, which is about how often I get bored and scroll. Time lost. Energy used. And for what? An activity I really didn’t enjoy all that much.

Some things are worth the time and energy. Some are not. Personally, I’d rather spend my life learning and creating.

So I’m trying to break the habit of scrolling, and for the subjects I do want to keep up with, I need to laser-focus my reading. I’m ditching the regular news apps. And maybe Facebook on my phone just for good measure.

Now, just because we haven’t had one in a while, here’s a picture of Bleu.


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