A Soulless Wasteland But Not the Fun Kind

So I finally broke down and bought Fallout 76.

Like many people, the Fallout game that I know and love best is #4. That is a truly great game. One of my all-time faves, no doubt. I love the stories, the depth, the world. Aside from a few annoying but sometimes hilarious glitches, it’s awesome.

Fallout 76, not so much. I know, I know. I’m pretty much last to the Fallout 76 bashing party.

I was suspicious of the game when I first read about it. One of the big brags was No NPCs! That’s non-playable character for my non-gamer friends.

NPCs play very important roles in games. They might give you quests or sell you things. They might assist in some way, ie follow you around and help you kill stuff or hold stuff for you.

A game with no NPCs is a soulless, empty husk of a thing. I know that now thanks to my Fallout 76 experience.

From what I understand, the expectation was for players to spice up the game, to act as the backbone by interacting with one another. I’ve interacted with other players twice so far.

The first was in a building. I cleared the enemies from the first floor with my wimpy little scrounged pipe pistol. Guy walks in, waves. I figure out how to wave back. He sees me start toward a furniture blueprint on a table and runs over to snatch it up before I get there. Awesome.

The second time, a higher level player shot me and took all my junk. Also awesome.

Basically, the game-makers created a hazardous sandbox and expected their customers to entertain themselves in it.

The game also lacks a sense of purpose. You get mission assignments from recordings, so there is something to do, but it still feels empty.

However, hope is around the corner! They’re adding NPCs in an update this fall. That was the reason I actually broke down and dropped my big $18.

I hope it’s good. I hope they find their way, because the game has fantastic potential.



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