The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are basically like a celestial hall of soul records. Legend says that the records are located on the etheric plane, aka the spirit plane, aka the astral plane. They have also been referred to as “The Book of Life” and “God’s Memory.”

Supposedly chronicled in these records are: “all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future”

Intense, right? Personally, I like this idea. It’s kind of like Santa’s naughty/nice list only more profound. If this is a real thing, then the jerks of the world are recorded as such for all eternity on tablets of light. Unfortunately, the tablets are all connected, much like we are as human beings, whether we want to be or not.

The Akashic Records or something of the like can be found in few philosophies/religions. As you can imagine, there’s a whole karmic correlation.

For Buddhists, the variation is actually a level of consciousness called “ālāyavijñāna” or “Alaya-vijnana” that serves as a store-house or a spiritual field that connects all. It’s above the ego of the individual.

Islam also touches on this concept with their “Preserved Tablet,” aka the Lahw-i Mahfoos.

“This a divine preserving tablet in which the things that happened and are to happen, all moments in time and all beings in space, in short, everything is written on; it is the mirror of Divine knowledge, the book of fate and the program of the universe” Source

But wait, there’s more!akashic

Some people believe they can access the Akashic Records through clairvoyant means. One of these people was Levi H. Dowling, the author of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Dowling claims to have transcribed it directly from the Akashic records. It covers the life of Jesus, including the “lost” 18 years of the New Testament. I have not read this, but I think it’s an interesting idea. I need to add it to my never-ending reading list. If you’d like to check it out for yourself, here’s a link to the ebook at Project Gutenberg.

Edgar Cayce, the famed mystic/psychic, is another guy who claimed to have access to the Akashic Records.

“Upon time and space is written the thoughts, the deeds, the activities of an entity – as in relationships to its environs, its hereditary influence; as directed – or judgment drawn by or according to what the entity’s ideal is. Hence, as it has been oft called, the record is God’s book of remembrance; and each entity, each soul – as the activities of a single day of an entity in the material world – either makes same good or bad or indifferent, depending upon the entity’s application of self towards that which is the ideal manner for the use of time, opportunity and the expression of that for which each soul enters a material manifestation. The interpretation then as drawn here is with the desire and hope that, in opening this for the entity, the experience may be one of helpfulness and hopefulness.

— Edgar Cayce Reading 1650-1” Source

How might I read these fabulous records, you ask? If you’d like info on accessing the Akashic records, this website has some tips for ya.

Akashic Records on Wikipedia


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