Gosh. I don’t know where to start.

😆 That’s a lie.

Ladies and gentlemen, the audiobook gods have deemed my files worthy.

That only took what, two years? Or more? I lost track, honestly. BUT, much like the Death Star (before some buy blew it up), I am fully operational, and SUPER excited. Not just excited. SUPER excited.

I really wanted to dive into the soundbooth and record more stuff (even though I haven’t edited everything I already recorded), but alas…it was not meant to be.

I have a cold that started in my throat, migrated into my ears, and now, it lives in my chest. Today, I probably would’ve spent more time coughing than reading.

I have 3 episodes of the upcoming podcast recorded. Two of them are 90% edited. I will start editing the other one this evening. The plan is to launch episodes 0-2 on 9/20.

I would like to have at least one more recorded for release in October before the podcast launches.

I’ll probably do a blog post about my setup and the mastering process later this week. There will be no photos because my sound booth looks like a serial killer’s lair. (Sorry, Diane)

A different thing that I also managed to finish is the graphic that will serve as both merchandise art and the hardcover…uh…cover. I might do a couple of giveaways if anyone seems interested.

What else.

Oh, the headshots. Planning is ongoing. I will not be dressing as Helena Bonham Carter as I previously mentioned but as a considerably more casual goth girl. It will be fun. Halloween decorations will likely be involved.

One more update, and I promise I’m done. A Facebook page for my short fiction series is now live! Please go there and like it (nay, LOVE it) for release updates, etc. so that I may interrupt your friends’/relatives’ regularly scheduled newsfeed nonsense with some of my nonsense.


That’s all I have for now, but really, wasn’t it enough?





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