3D Rendering Book Cover Models

Hi! What is up? Did everyone have a lovely weekend? I hope so.

I’ve been kicking this idea/project around for a while and thought I’d pop into the blog for some sharing.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of people on book covers. I’ve always thought it looked kind of cheap, maybe because it reminds me of cheesy romance novels.

Many people disagree. In fact, most of the books in the genres I write feature people on the covers. Guess what that means. People cover time!

After hours (literally) of scrolling through stock photos for models that might kinda, sorta work, I came up with very few that I liked. As I scrolled, I kept thinking, specifically, about a series I plan to start writing within the next year or two.

Basically, there won’t be a set number of books. I’m just gonna keep writing them. And I’d be stuck trying to find book cover models that sorta look alike. And hope those models are dressed a certain way and posed in a way I can use? I get a headache just thinking about it.

I could hire a model and take pictures. I could hire a concept artist. Both these options are not in my price range, especially when we’re talking about several books.

The option I landed on was software called Character Creator, which is actually made for game developers. This seems to be working pretty well so far. I can adjust facial features, dress them, pose them. And the detail is amazing.

A couple of drawbacks:

  • The clothes don’t all come with the software. I either have to buy new pieces from the character creator website or I need to learn how to render them in another program and import them, which is a whole other beast.
  • The 3D rendered hair is…bad. exhibit A below


I could play around with this by scaling it, rotating it, etc, but that wouldn’t change the texture. The hair is not a huge issue. I’m working on painting hair on in another program.

I do have to be careful with the software because I can adjust EVERYTHING, for better or worse. For example, in the cover I’m currently working on, I somehow set my character’s left eye too deep. It looked like this.

wonky eye

Weird, right? It only took a few minutes to fix, so it wasn’t a big deal. I just need to pay attention.

Also, for your entertainment (hopefully) and mine, here’s a picture of her with her eyeballs popped all the way out. 😆

mars attacks

Those are her Mars Attacks eyes. HA!

This software solves a lot of problems for me. Once I work the kinks out, it’s going to be great.

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