Blog Tour and Reviewer Sign-up

WS-ebook-coverWelcome to the reviewer and blog tour sign-up page for Wild Spirits of the Hollow!

The tour is scheduled for September 2018.

Everyone who signs up for the tour gets:
* A free copy of the ebook (print copies available for high traffic blogs)
* Link to your post(s) shared on my blog (270+ followers), my Twitter (4200+ followers, and my Facebook.
* Giveaway info to share with your followers: drawing for a signed paperback.

I’m available for interviews, guest posts, to share excerpts from the book, etc.

Title: Wild Spirits of the Hollow
Author: Lea Ryan
Genre: fantasy/magical realism
Word count: 43,000
To be published by NightLark Publishing
Release Date: 8/28/2018

Book description:
Shannon lies to almost everyone she meets. When she gets lost and winds up trapped in an Appalachian valley village, her lies don’t get her far.

Mistwalk Vale may look like a fairy-tale, but nightmares lurk in the shadows. Villagers are dying grisly deaths, their bodies reduced to bones and left in the streets for their friends and family to find. Worse, some people suspect that Shannon is involved. They accuse her of coming from the tribe of vicious earth witches down in the hollow.

A man named Owen believes Shannon is innocent. He tries to protect her as best he can, but there’s only so much he can do. She feels herself falling for him, despite her plan to leave as soon as she gets an opportunity.

Caught between angry mobs and an ancient darkness, she will be forced to fight for her survival. Can she save herself and the village before evil consumes them all?

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