a brightly colored bug and other fun

Whattup, internets! Just checking in for a few minutes. I’m still had at work on the manuscript. I’m at 70,000 words with about two chapters remaining.

Check this out. I spotted this guy (girl?) on the garage floor yesterday morning. It’s a yellow mayfly. I see mayflies around here often, but they’re usually silver and black, very dull. Not this guy. He’s all like heeeeyyyyy…

Actually he wasn’t like heeyyyy…I was concerned for his safety so I nudged his wing to get him to fly away. He did not fly away. I don’t think he was feeling very well. I did not see any brightly-colored insect mush when I returned from work, though, so I guess he went somewhere.
I was reading about this sculptor named Maurizio Cattelan. One of his magnificent creations is a giant middle finger in Italy. Where is it located? Why, right in front of their stock exchange, of course! The sculpture is called L.O.V.E.
I did a Google image search of his name, and a bunch of amazing sculptures came up. One looks like a horse hanging with its head through a wall. Others use creepy realistic human figures or other animals. His work has a very eerie quality.  I’m not going to violate anyone’s copyright today by posting pictures, mostly because I have a manuscript I should be working on. Check out his stuff, though. Seriously cool.

nightmare fodder

I took the day off. The boy and I went to the park. I saw this crazy bug on a fence, so I snapped a picture of it.

Using the all-wise and knowing internet, I have identified this charming specimen as a red-footed cannibal fly.


Why does it bear this name? From what I’ve read, it can take out pretty much any other insect, including dragonflies. And one site claimed that it can also take down a hummingbird if so inclined.

Yes the second picture is of the same bug. It looks different in flight.

The other pictures I saw while doing research showed the bug eating bees and wasps and such. It seems to like to go for the head-face area first. yummy.

Sleep tight, kids. Don’t let the red-footed cannibal fly bite.
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