Random Things Lumped Together in One Blog Post

Guess what comes out tomorrow. Guess! Destiny Rise of Iron. I’ve had it preordered for a while now, so I am really, really excited to finally get to play it. There will be no evening walk or other physical activity tomorrow. If I do make dinner, it will probably be peanut butter sandwiches, because my fat butt is going to be plopped in front of the television, zoned in on a video game like the grownup child I am. YES!!!

In other news, Bleu, the new kitten, is a giant jerkface. He’s a wonderful, sweet, crazy cat child, who bolts from one end of the house to the other. He climbs the furniture and leaps from one piece to the next like it’s all his personal cat playground.


I really forgot what having a kitten is like. I got so used to older cats, who know manners and commands, that I took all that for granted. This week, we’re working on not scratching faces because scratching faces is bad and also not sniffing visitors’ crotches. I thought that was just a dog thing. Apparently not.

We’re also working on NOT BITING CORDS. He has officially broken one mouse and the cord on a really nice pair of headphones. Luckily, the headphone cord is replaceable.


Sorry for the blurry picture. He’s hard to catch.

I do love him, though. He is SO sweet when he isn’t running amok.

Rapid subject change. I forgot to mention the other day that I put a copy of Love and the Dark in a Little Free Library. Here’s a pic.


Again, sorry for the crappiness of the picture. I was not on my photography game.

If you don’t know what the Little Free Library is, it’s a network of outside book boxes and people put books in and they borrow them and, hopefully, bring them back when they’re done. I plan to leave more books in other boxes, but it’s just this one for the moment.

I also got this really cool book at the library (the regular library) called A Burglar’s Guide to the City by Geoff Manaugh. It’s pretty interesting. The parts that I’ve read so far have been about burglars in history. Reading it has made me decide that one of my future book characters is going to be a thief. She was going to be a journalist, but a thief posing as a journalist is way more interesting, I think.


That’s all the randomness I have for you today. There will likely be more in the future but not tomorrow, because tomorrow is Destiny day.

Aaannd Bleu just jumped on and then knocked over the kitchen trashcan.







nerd rant: the xbox one devil

hell no kitty

I know, I know, today is supposed to be the movie post. I have one written, but I decided to talk about something else today because it’s bothering me.

I’m a gamer. I’ve been a gamer since the dawn of Commodore 64. I still play on an almost daily basis, not the 64, of course. I currently have a wii, a ps3 and an xbox 360. PS3 is my preference.

I was reading about the xbox one today and the direction they’re going has royally pissed me off. I wish I could find the article I read earlier today so I could share the link, but I can’t find it now. I think it was on Yahoo.

So, the used game thing is what everyone is talking about the most, it seems. Obviously, this is about corporate greed. I buy most of my games used. I do not buy all of my games used. Some games, I buy used and then, if I like the series well enough, I buy the subsequent releases new.

Apparently the powers that be have decided that buying used games is akin to shady business. I have a newsflash for them. Those games I bought used? I wouldn’t have purchased them new. Or else I would’ve done that in the beginning.

That aside, this new thing. This new thing has my hackles up, for real. Apparently, the xbox one needs an internet connection every day or so or the game function of the console is deactivated.

Sorry anyone who doesn’t have constant access to an internet connection. For you, the xbox one is an over-priced DVD player, but hey, you have that going for you.

If this is real (and I sincerely hope it isn’t), it’s a move in a very wrong direction. Tell me, Microsoft. What are the advantages of dropping $400 or whatever you plan to charge to have my content so tightly controlled that it’s rendered useless if my connection goes down for a few days? Why exactly would I want this product?

This is one of those times where we get to decide how our culture moves forward. There will be people who will buy this system only because it’s an xbox. They have fans like that.

Gamers need to reject this product with enthusiasm. Vote with your dollars.

If enough people buy the xbox one under these circumstances, that’s a vote for this new system, the iron grip on games we did actually pay money for. It’s an invitation for them to find out how much farther they can push us. Hey, why not charge us an hourly rate? Hell, maybe we can pay a monthly bill just for the honor of having an xbox in our house.

I vote no. Microsoft will not receive one penny from me for xbox anything if this is how they plan to treat their customers.


my little brother is awesome

Before we talk about how awesome my little brother is, I want to announce that MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth is officially out of print. That was the first edition of Destined for Darkness with a different title and cover, etc. If you didn’t get it yet, I guess you’re out of luck. lol.

I do plan to put Destined for Darkness into print in the next month or two. More on that later.

One more: The limited print edition of Lair of the White Wyrm should be up on Lulu until about the end of March, then that version of the book will also be out of print.

Why is my little brother awesome? I haven’t seen him since last year. We don’t live that far apart, but his work keeps him busy. That’s not why he’s awesome. When dropping off an older computer for him (he enjoys tinkering), I picked up Christmas gifts from him and the Mrs.

He previously told me that he got me Uncharted 3. I’ve only played the first one, but I loved it. Uncharted is a lot like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.

So I pick up the gifts and the game is in a big box. It’s the friggin’ collector edition. Over the course of my decades of gaming and geeking, I have had exactly zero collector edition games. It is so cool. Let us look upon it with awe and wonder.

This is the case. I have it sitting on top of my movie shelf. It’s pretty big, but it’s also very pretty, so I have no problem displaying it.

Here we have the inside of the case. The thing on the left is the actual game case. It’s made of tin. On the right, we have a statue of Nate. I left him in the plastic. In the middle are two drawers.

Drawer number 1 has a reproduction of Nate’s ring on a necklace. The inscription on the outside says “Sic Parvis Magna”, which supposedly translates to “Greatness from small beginnings”. I have tried to figure out what language it is and have determined that they are not real words. My first guess was Latin, but according to Google translate, it is not latin. I think one word came up when I plugged in the phrase. I have decided the game creators made this up.
I did remove the ring from the package so I could make a necklace of it. I removed the leather strap because I would just tear it up. I have the ring on a dogtag chain.

This is a reproduction of the belt buckle that Nate wears in the game. I left it in the package. What the heck am I going to do with a belt buckle? It’s still really cool though.
and that is why my little brother is awesome.

guess what

I got an xbox for Christmas! woo! It was courtesy of the husband and actually intended for all of us, but I got.to install the present, therefore it is mine.

The boy (8 yrs old) was quite impressed with my tennis skills. I have spent a fair amount of time playing tennis on the Wii. The experience was similar. Even though it was a kinect game, I held a controller in my hand because, well, it’s tennis. Youre supposed to hold a racket.

Aforementioned boy is freakishly good at darts, I mean like bullseyes pretty much whenever he feels like getting them. Is there a Tiger Woods of professional darts? I mean like young, promising Tiger, not old, skeezy Tiger. I’m thinking of putting my boy to work. It’s high time he started pulling his weight.

The girl (14) keeps beating me at fitness games, except for a wallbreaker activity. We both like Dance Central 2, which sometimes makes me feel uncoordinated and sort of lame, but at least the music is totally awesome.

Do not love the camera all the time. It insists on taking many pictures, all of which are unflattering. I look slightly large and not very sexy with my hands over my head and my pale belly hanging out from beneath my shirt. The girl agrees the camera is unflattering. The husband has indicated the camera is accurate. He will not be missed when the zombies come and I use him as bait.

Husband has not played the xbox much at all. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe he’s afraid I’m right about the camera.

adventures in weekending

This weekend was unexpectedly busy. I mean crazy 9am to 9ish pm both days crazy with almost constant walking.

What I did not do: work on the book I should be working on. Both Saturday and Sunday, I planned to have this wonderful sit down and work time that never happened. I have a scene I wanted to add to the remix project. I had it all plotted out and everything. It was going to snap right in like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Alas. The scene is still on but it did not get written yet.

Instead I took the boy to the Arts Park in Indy which was like a miniature Indianapolis Museum of Art, only much of the art was for sale. They had a nice gallery and then a sculpture garden on the grounds. The primary function of the center is art classes, but we didn’t take any. Then later that day, we went to several stores to purchase various extravagant items such as school supplies, groceries and a garage door opener remote.

Sunday, we went to Gen Con which I had no intention of attending. My husband was the one who really wanted to go, which was weird because I’m by far the geekier of the two of us.

Why wouldn’t I have gone? The convention is mostly card and board games, which those are cool but not my thing. I’m all console gaming, baby. They did have some video games, but not many. Most of the video game action was relegated to one room off from the primary convention area. They projected the games onto the wall, which was wicked cool. Here’s a shot of the dark room. The game on the left was Guitar Hero something.

The convention was not centered around one of my primary pastimes. Does that mean I didn’t I didn’t have fun? Hecky naw, that place was awesome! There was a lot to see and do, a lot of cosplay stuff, a lot of art and just…wow, a lot in general.

The boy got some Naruto cards, Magic the Gathering cards and a game mat, which he is currently using as a giant mousepad.

I got a Dalek action figure at a Doctor Who booth. That’s right. A Doctor Who booth. How fricking awesome is that?!?! And I got a pair of steam-punkesque goggles, which I’ve actually been talking about getting for a year. Why? I don’t know. Sometimes I just want odd things.

We also each got a copy of the Rift for PC. I saw commercials for that game and they looked pretty awesome. If I can find the time, I may give it a go.

Here are a couple more convention pics – a giant troll statue and a giant something else statue.

That’s all for now. Movie post tomorrow.


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and now for some geekinese

I replaced my Playstation hard drive a few days ago. The actual hardware replacement wasn’t difficult. The pain in my rear came in the backing up of the restore data – game saves and updates, etc.

Playstation can do this relatively easily through the menu BUT you need a FAT32 formatted disc to do it on. Windows won’t format a drive over 32gb as FAT32. Thank you, Sony! I love your obsolete system requirements for backing up restore data.

My super nice brother loaned me an external hard drive to transfer the data, but it was 100gb. I tried to partition it to 32gb (or what I thought was 32gb), managed to get it to format FAT32 once and the playstation told me there wasn’t enough space.

Many bad words were spoken. So back to the computer, bigger partition, the computer kept telling me that the new bigger partition was already formatted FAT32 when it wasn’t. The computer mocked me. I reassigned drive letter. That didn’t work.

More bad words, this time directed at the computer.

I finally bought a flipping 32gb usb flash drive. That worked.

This was the short version of the story. It was a two-day, many-hour project. So much irritation. But perseverence sometimes pays off.

The moral of the story is, if you buy a playstation and plan to hardcore use it, you might want to upgrade the hard drive right away.

The good news is that I learned things. Let’s have a list.

1. How to replace a hard drive in a ps3 (obviously)
2. What a hard drive enclosure is and how to use one
3. Also an old playstation hard drive can be used with a PC once you place it in a hard drive enclosure and clear off the playstation stuff. Recycling! Wheeee!!
4. Husband sometimes makes useful suggestions but may also use the lid of a hard drive enclosure as a drink coaster if I leave him unattended.
5. How to partition a hard drive and reassign drive letters in Windows 7

I also learned that if you ask the employees at Best Buy technical questions, they get a little nervous. The one I talked to was very helpful, but when I inquired about the recommended rpms, he started blinking a lot and hurried to his computer.

All ended well. Fin.
Hey, want some free reading? Check out the fiction freebie page on this very blog!
There you shall find links to two free ebooks on Smashwords and novel excerpts on Scribd.

Other places to find me:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/LeaRyan1