Clicky McClickerson

I’ve been working on recording an audiobook version of Love and the Dark. Holy crap that book had some editing issues. I do have someone edit for me but I have a tendency to monkey around with the book once I get it back, so you know, my inability to leave things alone is one hundred percent of the problem. The issues will be fixed shortly.

Anyway, recording the audiobook has been an interesting experience so far. I had to figure out which software to use and then how to use it. I now know things about sound that I didn’t know before. I also learned that once I get past the weirdness of hearing a recording of myself, my voice is actually kind of soothing.

The worst issue I’ve had is my mouth drying out. After about 10 minutes of recording, my mouth gets dry and starts making these little click sounds that are undesirable in the audiobook world. Not only do they sound bad, they distract me. In fact, the whole dry mouth thing is so aggravating that more often than not, I end up quitting for the evening before I intended to.

And the audiobook I’m recording has an estimated finished recording time of 7 hours. It’s a lot more than 7 hours of labor once you factor in all the retakes and editing, etc. At this rate, I’m gonna be fifty years old by the time I finish.

I looked up the clicking (mouth noise) and apparently, this is a common audio recording problem. I’ve seen the following suggested solutions.

  1. Get a better microphone to filter it out. That’s fine and dandy but if the mouth noise is distracting me as I’m reading, then the fanciest microphone in the world isn’t going to help.
  1. Water – This was the first thing I tried. Do you know what water does? It rinses the saliva out of your mouth. I drink so much water as it is that it’s probably causing the problem in the first place.
  1. Vaseline – ew
  1. Lemon – Wouldn’t this be drying?
  1. Talking while holding a pencil in your teeth – What?
  1. Get someone else (a professional someone else) to record it – Like I’d give up that easily. Do you even know me, bro? The clicks aren’t stopping me, not yet, anyway.

I did try keeping a glass of milk next to me. That helped a little, but it definitely wasn’t a cure. It was skim milk, though, so maybe milk with fat in it would do a better job.

This evening, I bought some mouth moisturizing gel. Sounds pretty gross, right? It’s clear and sort of minty-ish, not as minty as toothpaste. I’ll give that a go later. I also considered coconut oil. I may still try that if the gel doesn’t work.

Oh, the glamorous life I live! 
Here’s a picture of Bleuberry (aka Bleu, aka Mr. Baby, aka Jerkface).



a sad garage door and assorted shenanigans

The last couple of weeks have been crazy and not in a good way. I won’t go over it all because nobody likes a whiner. Let’s just sum it all up with this picture of my garage door from this morning.

sad garage door

Uh, yeah. That’s about right.

The garage door is fixed now. Yay! As for the rest of it…time heals, I guess.

I have a book that’s 99.9 percent ready to go. I’ll probably put that up this weekend. If you’ve been following along for the last month or so, it probably looks like I write really fast. HA! No, no. I just put the finishing touches on these two things at times which were very close to one another.

Once I settle on the description, I’ll slap it up on the internet. If you want to see the cover, it’s on my brand spankin’ new facebook page. Here’s the link to the page. The book is called Love and the Dark.

What else is going on. Oh, the book pages on the blog (above) are under construction. I’ve been doing a lot of clean-up as far as getting things on various websites to match and rearranging.

You might notice that I now have one page for grown-up books and another one for kid books. I have a middle grade title or two that I might get out this year, so that’s why those are there. I actually have one finished, but I’d like to release two at the same time. Hence, the delay.

Current AnnaBeth word count is 35380. I’ve been a little slower lately due to various distractions, but I am feeling better now, so we move onward!

the nsa does not surprise

nosey neighbor

Is it wrong that I don’t care if the government pokes around my phone records? I understand why other people care. If people want privacy, they should have privacy.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t all that shocked when the “dirt” came out. The government has kind of been doing what they want all along, so uh, yeah. I just kind of assumed they were watching everything anyway.

And why wouldn’t people assume they were watching? I mean, think of all of those movies and tv shows where the first thing criminals do when stuff gets real is ditch their phones.

If big brother is paying attention to me, they really aren’t getting anything exciting. That’s another reason I don’t care. The most interesting thing about me is probably the weird stuff I write and draw, and as you can see, it’s on display.

Honestly, I’d rather have some government lackey or program sniffing around my hey-will-you-pick-up-some-milk text messages than keep them private and have some crazy person blow up my babies. I’m probably in the minority…

I am alive

I swear I am. I have no movie post this week, mostly because I have had no time to watch a movie. Isn’t that horrible? I think it is. We’ve been moving our junk to the new place, and the amount of it is overwhelming. I don’t understand how we fit it all in that tiny house.

The new house is bigger, thank God. Living somewhere new after so long (10 years) feels very awkward. The distribution of space is different. Like, the bathroom cabinet, for example. The new one is bigger but it’s divided into so many drawers and tiny cabinets that I can’t fit as much in there.

I haven’t written squat in the last 5 days or so. Maybe a few paragraphs? And the character concept drawings? Honey, fuggettaboutit. I haven’t slapped down line 1. There has also been no tv watching, no working out, very little video gaming, and very little sitting down in general. My life has become an endless series of boxes. I grow weary of this business.

The house will be awesome once we settle in. I know this. And I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans soon enough. Blog attendance will be sporadic for the next week or two.

As for Max, he has already found a new sun beam. His work is done.

moo man

negative animals

I was playing around with the negative effect on my phone camera and decided to harrass our pets for a while. I think these actually look pretty cool. I apologize for the blurry/haziness in some spots. I think the camera on my phone is not feeling well.

Here’s a normal picture of Max first so we can get a frame of reference.

normal moo

His blacks are white and his whites are black. It’s like the anti-Max. I like how blue his eyes look.


This next one is my favorite of the set.


Next up, we have Zoe the dog. Yes, she has cataracts. She’s an old girl. It’s to be expected.

Zoe the dog

Sneaker did not participate willingly. My daughter wanted me to note that she is not strangling the cat.



movie nerds need movie basements

We’re moving in the next couple of weeks. Have I mentioned that? I think I have. The next house has a basement and in that basement shall be movie theater-themed decor. It’s going to be the place in which I go insane with movie geekiness. Here’s a taste of what’s going in it.

First, the toy collection. It’s a good thing we’re getting a bigger place because my movie toys were taking over various corners of our current tiny house. I might post actual pictures when I get them set up but the pieces include: queen alien statue, jack skellington statue, various hot wheels cars: batmobiles, Fast the Furious cars, some Tron models: light cycles and recognizer, wicked witch of the west doll, an entire set of the simpsons toys from Burger King. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. We have shelves down there. The collection should fit nicely.

We have purchased the following posters.

return of the jedi bladerunner fight club

Those aren’t all the posters we plan to put down there. I want a Big Lebowski, Pulp Fiction and others to be determined. Oh, and I have a Doc Ock poster (Spiderman) that my son was kind enough to donate.

We already have the popcorn machine.


We’re looking at, but have not yet purchased, these Let’s Go to the Lobby tin signs. Retro. Awesomeness.


And this, which I want to put on the staircase. You can change the words.

now showing

I would get a case and put some candy in there if I didn’t think the children would eat it in like 5 seconds. and by children, I also mean me.

I’ll post pics if we ever get it together. It should be quite fun.

my slushy wonderland

Hola! We’ve had snow. I took some pictures for showing and telling. The gray expanse is the field behind our house. There’s actually another field on the other side of that but the falling snow obscured it from view.


Our next house won’t have this sort of view because we will be deeply immersed in a subdivision. I’m going to miss the fields.

I’m ready for the weather to warm up a bit now. Let’s go spring!