Halloween pics

I have pictures! None of these are of me, unfortunately. I didn’t plan ahead and I got home about 15 minutes before trick or treating commenced. The boy was a t-rex. The husband was Pennywise, which made for much hilarity. It turns out that children, even those too young to have seen the movie, are scared of Pennywise.


The boy danced at the end of the driveway.


Mermolade (Merlin) and the girl came for a visit.


And Bleu was sad that we left him inside.



Happy Halloween! I’m off to watch some Stranger Things, season 2.


nightmare fodder. you’re welcome.

My husband showed me this earlier today. Have you ever seen a human skull with the baby teeth still in? We are monsters on the inside, my friends, even the adorable versions of us.

nightmare fodder



In book working news, I have almost completed updating the book trailer for Pestilence Rising, complete with character concept illustrations. This post is actually an attention deficit moment while I should be adding the music. I’ll probably post the trailer to the blog here within the next couple of days.