Needless Rambling and a Cat Picture

OMG, I am killing the to-do list this week. I am quite excited about it. I would be even more excited if I could finally wrap up this audio editing business! I have about 10-20 minutes of finished audio left, which should probably equate to at least 6-8 hours of editing work. Yes, it does take that long. I think the worst part about it is that I can’t listen to music while I’m doing it. Music makes everything better.

But it will be done soon. Soon!

I’m lucky that I’ve had time at all. This last month has been bonkers. We got a new roof put on the house due to storm damage, a newish truck because the old one was dying. My daughter moved out. She’s 20, so it’s not like she ran away or anything. I miss her, despite the fact that she’s right down the street. The location makes it better. She took Merlin, though, because he belongs to her. That makes it slightly worse. I miss him, too.

There is a small silver lining. We’re setting up a guest room/office the spare bedroom. Our “office” has always been a corner of the bedroom, so that is pretty cool.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I’ve been reading Locke and Key, which is a comic book series written by Joe Hill, aka son of Stephen King. It’s really good stuff so far. It reminds me a little of The Haunting of Hill House

Also awesome and actually by Stephen King – the new IT movie. I never saw the original or read the book, so I can’t offer a comparison. I thought Bill Skarsgård was amazing. I watched him in Hemlock Grove, which I liked well enough, but I think his performance as Pennywise really showed he well can act.

Now, please enjoy this picture of Bleu. Adorable while asleep. A terror while awake.




a post-holiday weekend movie post and other monkey business

Ello, lovelies! I had a wonderful holiday weekend. Did you? I trust the reply is yes. If not, just remember, no one likes a whiner.

We watched a couple of pretty bad movies, so I’m not going to dwell too long on the nonsense.

Project X
This is a camcorder movies that follows some teenagers around as they throw the house party to end all house parties. There are some funny parts, shenanigans and such. The plot wasn’t really all that present. There were a couple of consistent story lines, but nothing really significant. The party was the story, pretty much.

What made this movie interesting was how the entire thing just dissolves into mass chaos, enphasis on “mass”. This movie went where I have seen no other party movie go. The last probably half an hour or so makes it worth watching.

Cinematic art, it is not. However, in a morbid watching a car crash sort of way, it has a flicker of appeal. Project X gets a C-.

Next up is A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. How did I get roped into watching these movies? I have no idea.

I copied the description from IMDB. “Six years after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, stoner buds Harold Lee and Kumar Patel cause a holiday fracas by inadvertently burning down Harold’s father-in-law’s prize Christmas tree.”

I think I saw the first one of these movies and maybe the second. This installment is pretty consistent with what I remember from those. It was funny if you get stoner humor. Again, not cinematic art. NPH makes the requisite appearance. There was some claymation not involving NPH.
The movie was meh. It was better than Project X, the biggest reason for this being that it had a solid plot. I decree this movie shall receive a C+.
A couple of interesting, slightly related things. When we were watching Project X, we happened to notice excessive use of the F word. So I googled how many times they used the F word and found this handy dandy list of movies that use the F word the most times. The Big Lebowski made the list. That’s one of my favorite movies, and I never noticed.

Also I found a user compiled list on IMDB of celebrities that this person does not find attractive, but they think mainstream society does find them attractive. It’s interesting that someone took the time to compile this list. I wonder about the level of self esteem going on there. This person may or may not need a hug.

The Dark Crystal

I’m watching The Dark Crystal with my son. It’s probably one of my top three favorite movies from my childhood. He was confused when we first started watching it, I think because it isn’t animation and is almost too cool looking to be real.

He asked me if it was 3D. I had to explain that the puppets and the costumes were “real” as opposed to cgi and all the stuff they use now. The level of detail is just amazing – the environment, the creatures.

I think it’s really sad that no one has really followed in Jim Henson’s footsteps since he died. Sometimes I wonder what other pieces of genius we missed out on as a result of his death. He was a brilliant, brilliant man.

If you haven’t seen The Dark Crystal, I recommend it. I’m seriously considering ordering a blu-ray copy.

movie: The Hangover 2

Did anyone else think Madonna was awesome in the halftime show? I loved it. I thought it was amazing. I couldn’t believe people were ripping on it today. Then I decided that ripping on the halftime act has become a tradition. Musical artists, good or bad, if you play the superbowl, expect some disses. Also expect every molecule of what was on stage to be dissected and evaluated for flaws. geez.

Anyway, so The Hangover 2.

Loved it. Here is the description from IMDb: “Two years after the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. Stu’s plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously awry.”

It was quite hilarious. I read some reviews when it was first out in the theater that said it was exactly like the first, they just did some minor changes. It was similar in places. They wake up with a man lost, this time the bride’s brother. There were a few other parts that I caught, but I’m not going to risk spoiling anything. Despite the similarities, nothing about watching the movie felt stale to me. It was still very entertaining.

However, should there be a Hangover 3, they’re going to need to switch the story up some more. The formula they’re working is going to get old by episode 3.
The Hangover 2 gets a B-.

And, just because I think it’s super sexy, here is an interview with Bradley Cooper in delicious French. Oh my.

a movie and some rambling

Next is a movie starring Nicolas Cage and is about a man who can see about two minutes into the future. There is an exception to the rule. He sees a woman he hasn’t met.

There’s a government agency after him because they want to use him to help prevent a nuclear disaster. He is unwilling to assist them, so they pursue him in an effort to basically force him to help.

The plot is well-paced and never boring. Special effects were cool. Nicolas Cage’s hair is just as horrendous as it pretty much always is. Jessica Biel’s hair looked better than usual. She had this wavy thing going on.

Next is one of those movies that advances and reverses time but not annoyingly so. It adds a certain level of excitement, I think, because anything can happen to any character and they may or may not get a rewind. Next gets an A-.

We actually bought this movie. We went to our local Blockbuster to rent a movie and discovered they were “moving”. They were selling their DVDs and Blu-rays for like $2 so we figured we may as well try to find a movie we hadn’t seen and just buy it.

When we reached the counter, I asked the girl where they were moving to. Her answer was “online” and she truly looked like she was going to cry. I felt really bad, of course. Silly me actually thought they were actually moving like the sign out front indicated.

Husband and I are quite unhappy about the store closing. We do have Netflix, so we still have access to movies, but I liked being able to walk into a store and choose something off the shelves and watch it the same night. Call me old-fashioned, I guess.

Our economy is evolving in this strange way. Everything is moving to the internet, which causes people in retail stores to lose their jobs, which is sad and not good for the general state of things. But there’s no stopping the future.

I think as time goes on, people are going to have to depend less on companies like Blockbuster to provide jobs. They might not have a choice in the matter.

People who adapt their skills and experience to the internet-driven economy are going to fare better.

Until the terrorists learn how to take it out and drain all of our bank accounts. awww…

comic book movies are making me sad

I think I may be losing interest in comic book movies. I never thought I would say that. Maybe the ones coming out right now just don’t interest me.

I mean, Thor? I don’t read many comic books, but I’m familiar with a lot of the characters due to many hours of watching cartoons. Who the eff is Thor? Did my geek cred level just take a dive? Probably.

And that Green Lantern movie? I do know who Green Lantern but that movie looks dumb, despite the presence of the beautiful Ryan Reynolds.

The more of these movies that come out, the less value I see in them. I remember the summer that Tim Burton’s Batman came out. Wow, that was a huge deal. Batman was everywhere and everything. The movie was amazing – dark and creepy. The sequels? They were alright.

I know, Superman movies came before that, but I was only like a year old when the first one released. I don’t remember a whole lot of that particular time period. I did grow up watching them on VHS and sometimes on TV. I thought they were awesome.

Then we had Spiderman and the X-Men, the Hulk, Ironman. I liked all of those. I even thought Catwoman (Halle Berry) was alright. I’m pretty easy to please, generally.

Now they (they as in the studio man) just crank them out willy-nilly. They don’t care what it is, just slap some CGI on that bitch and ship it on out.

Great. I sound like an OLD geek.

The movies are starting to feel cheap to me. Maybe there are too many of them? Is there a lack of innovation or sincerity?

I do know that I won’t see Green Lantern. I might watch Thor on DVD. The same goes for X-Men First Class as long as the reviews aren’t terrible. I don’t plan to shell out any money for theater tickets for them. That’s for sure.

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Ode to Resident Evil

I love Resident Evil.

And I, like many other fans of the game/movie series, don’t really give a crap what movie critics think of Afterlife.

I’ve been a fan since the very first game with Jill and Chris on PS1. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I played through that game. I got to the point where I could beat it in less than 5 hours. I played most of the games after that, with the exception of just a couple.

I also like the movies.

Are they cheesy? Yes, it’s all cheesy, darling. It has been from the very beginning. The people who like Resident Evil aren’t fans because we think it’s high art.

We want to see zombie heads burst at the end of a shotgun, and we want to see some shit get blown up. We want to be startled by scary zombie-like animal creatures popping out of nowhere. We want to see the annoying people bite it and the fittest bad asses survive.

Oh yes. If you need me Saturday night, I will be in the movie theater wearing those dorky 3D glasses, stuffing my face full of calories, and relishing in the kitschy gore-filled genius that is Resident Evil. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

* * * *

And here is an illustration for your viewing pleasure. That’s right, I’m cramming it all on one post today. I am thinking of starting an alternate blog for the art stuff, just so y’all have somewhere else to chase me around on the internet. LOL

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