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My brain is wrecked today. I recently started a new job and I forgot how exhausting it can be to learn new things all day. I love learning, but dang, son, not all day long!

Anyway, a couple of updates. The Iyrico (short ghost story) ebook version is up on Amazon. It’s free if you’re on Kindle Unlimited, 99 cents if you aren’t. It has been slightly edited because it needed a slight edit. It also has new, slightly creepier cover art because it needed slightly creepier cover art.

Here is what the cover looks like now.

Iyrico cover


Link to the story on Amazon.

Unfortunately, I am still doing battle with the audiobook. I have to tweak a few files and upload them to ACX again because I didn’t quite get everything right the first time. My bad, not theirs. Then I have to send it back through their review process again, which will likely take another 3-4 business days.

While this has been a giant pain in my rear, I am pleased that this is a thing I am capable of doing. I like being able to do stuff, even if it’s tedious stuff that I’m not all that good at.



book release day!

Helllooooo! I feel like crap, so I’m on the computer for all of the next 30 seconds. Then I’m going to curl up with my blankie and my cat and stare at the television for the rest of the evening.
But first, a book release. Devil in the Branch is out today. The ebook is available at


Barnes and Noble


The print version out right now is only available at lulu and it’s a limited edition. Here is a picture of the cover.

The table of contents is illustrated like it is in Destined for Darkness. This time, I used part of the Poe and Dorian illustration. It looks like the pic below, only not as fuzzy. The more permanent version  of the book will also have the fancy table of contents.

Click here to travel to Lulu in a magical, internet sort of way.

no movie post today

because I have book things! plus we ended up turning off our Netflix movie because it was really boring.
Tomorrow is a big day – the release of the second AnnaBeth book – Devil in the Branch! I have some fun stuff planned for this week.

First up, an excerpt. The first five chapters of the book are available for reading on Scribd. Here is a link.

Also, I’m pleased to share that my interview with Darcia Helle from earlier this year is in her new ebook: A Word Please, Conversations with 24 Authors

It’s available as a free download on her website at the link below.

Be sure to check out Darcia’s books and of course, the other authors in the book in A Word Please.

That’s all I have for now.