Does An Author Have to Like Their Audience?

A while back, I met a children’s author who said she didn’t like kids. She didn’t just say it once; she kept repeating it to the point that I was envisioning her hunched over a desk, toiling away on her picture book muttering something like, “These little jerks are gonna love this garbage!”

I started to wonder how anyone could write for an audience they really don’t like. When you genuinely like someone or a group of someones, you probably want them to be happy with whatever you produce, so you make the extra effort, right?

I guess you could research what a certain audience likes, but if you can’t empathize with them, do you get it? Like deep-down-in-your-gut get it? I would think probably not, but hey, what do I know?

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Hey, what’s up? I have pictures of things. Last week, the boy was at Boy Scout camp all week. The girl works all the time and the husband often takes evening naps. That left me with a crazy amount of alone time. Most of that was spent playing Skyrim (ESO online, which is not technically called Skyrim but I call it Skyrim anyway) and hanging out with the animals.

The in-house animal population currently consists of Sneaker the cat and Merlin, the girl’s bearded dragon. There’s also a fish (the Captain) but he’s in my daughter’s room, therefore not in a location to be good company.

I feel bad for Merlin. He hangs out in his cage and sleeps a lot. He really likes snuggles, and I think it makes him sad to be alone so much. Yes, a lizard enjoys snuggles. He curls up like a little, scaly cat, and falls asleep on a person or near a person. It’s pretty much adorable.

Not only does he like snuggles, he enjoys watching trees. I got him out one night to feed him and decided to give him a window seat.

Then Sneaker came in and started nosing around his chair. She knew he was up there, so she didn’t want to actually jump up onto the chair. I got her a chair of her own and put her on it. This was the scene.

They hung out in this way for about half an hour. It was strange and funny and made being almost alone a bit more tolerable.

Current writing status: making notes for a book/novella that I should not be writing at this moment because I have other, more important things to write. Writing is the most fun when I feel like I should be working on something else.

nightmare fodder. you’re welcome.

My husband showed me this earlier today. Have you ever seen a human skull with the baby teeth still in? We are monsters on the inside, my friends, even the adorable versions of us.

nightmare fodder



In book working news, I have almost completed updating the book trailer for Pestilence Rising, complete with character concept illustrations. This post is actually an attention deficit moment while I should be adding the music. I’ll probably post the trailer to the blog here within the next couple of days.

I am not dead.

I am not dead. I did not fall off the edge the Earth.
However, I was on vacation in Texas, which is a totally awesome place. I hung out with the fam, specifically my favorite aunt and uncle and my brother in law, who is also a favorite, mostly because he’s the only one I have thus far.
I ate enough Mexican food to add about 8 pounds to my body weight, but it was quite delicious. That’s the important thing with food – it must be worth the calories, and trust me, it was.
Bluebells are the Texas state flower. They were everywhere and very pretty. Here is a pic.
I’ll post more vacation photos soon.
A couple of quick bits of info. The limited edition of Lair of the White Wyrm is up until Monday evening. The price is discounted to $10.50 until I pull book for all time. Here is
the link –
Thank you to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway. The number of entries exceeded 500 people, which is awesome! Congrats to the two winners. I will be shipping the books out shortly.