my little brother is awesome

Before we talk about how awesome my little brother is, I want to announce that MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth is officially out of print. That was the first edition of Destined for Darkness with a different title and cover, etc. If you didn’t get it yet, I guess you’re out of luck. lol.

I do plan to put Destined for Darkness into print in the next month or two. More on that later.

One more: The limited print edition of Lair of the White Wyrm should be up on Lulu until about the end of March, then that version of the book will also be out of print.

Why is my little brother awesome? I haven’t seen him since last year. We don’t live that far apart, but his work keeps him busy. That’s not why he’s awesome. When dropping off an older computer for him (he enjoys tinkering), I picked up Christmas gifts from him and the Mrs.

He previously told me that he got me Uncharted 3. I’ve only played the first one, but I loved it. Uncharted is a lot like Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.

So I pick up the gifts and the game is in a big box. It’s the friggin’ collector edition. Over the course of my decades of gaming and geeking, I have had exactly zero collector edition games. It is so cool. Let us look upon it with awe and wonder.

This is the case. I have it sitting on top of my movie shelf. It’s pretty big, but it’s also very pretty, so I have no problem displaying it.

Here we have the inside of the case. The thing on the left is the actual game case. It’s made of tin. On the right, we have a statue of Nate. I left him in the plastic. In the middle are two drawers.

Drawer number 1 has a reproduction of Nate’s ring on a necklace. The inscription on the outside says “Sic Parvis Magna”, which supposedly translates to “Greatness from small beginnings”. I have tried to figure out what language it is and have determined that they are not real words. My first guess was Latin, but according to Google translate, it is not latin. I think one word came up when I plugged in the phrase. I have decided the game creators made this up.
I did remove the ring from the package so I could make a necklace of it. I removed the leather strap because I would just tear it up. I have the ring on a dogtag chain.

This is a reproduction of the belt buckle that Nate wears in the game. I left it in the package. What the heck am I going to do with a belt buckle? It’s still really cool though.
and that is why my little brother is awesome.

A Rising Moon and Coxhall Gardens

The first pic is of the moon rising over the field behind the house. I loved how bright it was and the colors of the clouds.

The rest of the pictures are from a little park in Carmel, IN called Coxhall Gardens. We visited this weekend.

This is one of a pair of twin bell towers. There was one on each end of the park.

Just beyond that concrete doughnut is a fence that features poorly rendered naked people, and beyond that fence is an amphitheatre. We couldn’t go all the way into the amphitheatre because it was rented for a wedding. This part was supposed to be closed as well. There was actually a do not enter sign behind me when I took this. I’m a rebel like that.

This is as far into the ampitheatre as we got.

Aquatic Flora

Gratuitous bee on flower shot.

This is the children’s garden. It was so cute! This section was a little village. I would like to see it in summertime when the flowers are in full bloom.

I took this picture when we first arrived. I thought the view was cool.

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Glorious Friday! I am so excited to be heading into the weekend. The day was warm when I got off work. We had sunshine too!

Here is what the field behind my house looks like right now. Pretties!

I need need need to finish AnnaBeth 2!!! Like yesterday, like 10 minutes ago. I am going to be writing my ass off the next week or two to finish it.

I would like to post at least the first few chapters of the remix project up on a couple of writing feedback websites before November starts. That means I need to finish the AB2 rough draft and read through the beginning remix chapters in a very short period of time.

So this weekend, there will be no animation. There might be a little Journey Reader working. Mostly, there will be a lot of writing. I swear it.

AnnaBeth2 word count update: 67738