What Sleepy Hollow Could’ve Been

Yesterday, I read that Sleepy Hollow was canceled. Like a lot of people, I was excited when this show first came out. I loved the concept and the characters.

Then it got kind of old and played out.

And then they killed off Abbie Mills.

Seriously? She was one of the two main characters.

The show has killed off characters, added new characters, etc, and yet, they could never quite recover the initial spark that made the show popular in the first place. I have a theory on why.

Too many episodes.

Any story, any TV show, is going to get old and stale if you try to drag it out too long. Our culture has a very short attention span, less than that of a goldfish.

Let’s look at the number of episodes per season for Sleepy Hollow.

Season 1: 13

Season 2: 18

Season 3: 18

Season 4: 13

Keeping up with that and everything else I want to watch could seriously be a part-time job.

My suggestion to the TV network people is shorter seasons. Seriously, a short season or a mini-series is an event. I make an effort to tune in for stuff I perceive as special.

18 episodes is not an event. It’s a freakin’ marathon.

Imagine if Sleepy Hollow scheduled their season during September-October and only made like 8 episodes. The story would be less diluted because they didn’t have to stretch the thing out over 18 episodes. Because of the span of time between seasons and the scarcity of episodes, more people might even get excited when it finally returns.

Not only that, shorter seasons would mean more open time slots at the network, which makes room for, I don’t know, new shows? More room for experimentation. More chances to find the next big hit.

So, yeah, I’m sad Sleepy Hollow was canceled. I did like it. Was I able to keep up with it? Honestly, no.


Stranger Things, Eleven

Minor spoilers ahead!

Stranger Things is a somewhat new Netflix show that we watched really quickly because it was really good.

One of the most interesting characters is Eleven. This is her.

stranger things eleven

Due to her role as a subject of questionable science experiments, she has psychokinetic abilities she can use to toss people around like rag dolls whenever she feels the need. Also due to growing up in a shady lab, she has poor social skills.

She also has a lot of moments in which she longs to be normal, even though she isn’t entirely sure what that entails. Her mix of naivety and violent tendencies makes her interesting to watch throughout the show, but one scene stood out more than the other.

So, she has a bit of a falling out with her newfound friends and she runs off. With no home and no one supporting her, she has to fend for herself, ie eat. She walks into a grocery store, straight to the Eggo waffles (because #corporatesponsorship). A couple of concerned employees, one of them a manager, asks if she needs help.

She glares at him calls him a “mouthbreather” (a term her friends taught her that refers to ignorant people), and she makes off with 4 boxes of waffles, leaving all sorts of chaos on her wake.

Stranger Things Eleven Mouthbreather.jpg

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it shows how she really feels about regular humans, or at least regular, adult humans. She’s keenly aware of her superiority and willing to use her powers to get what she wants; God help you if you even look like you might get in her way.

Second, this scene shows that Eleven has the potential to become a very bad person in the future. For the most part, she has acted on the side of good, protecting her friends at all costs. However, if she pops up in the next season, I will be interested to see how her character changes.

Patiently awaiting season 2

Thoughts on the How I Met Your Mother Finale

In lieu of movie post this week, I’m doing a TV show post.

No matter how you end a beloved series, someone is going to complain, probably a lot of someones. I watched the How I Met Your Mother finale on Monday and I’ve read many complaints.

I actually liked the finale just fine. It made sense to me. Maybe I’m the only one? I don’t know.

There’s a saying that applies to writing: the end is the beginning or maybe it’s the beginning is the end. I can’t remember for sure. Basically, the idea is that stories should come full circle. That is what the show did, pretty much. I mean, look at this synopsis from season 1, episode 2.

“After telling Robin that “He loves her”, things fall apart for she and Ted and he figures that it’s all over for the two of them, but not for long as Ted finds out from Lily after she met Robin that she (Robin) likes him and Ted tries once again…” It goes on.

So, yes. The series really was more about Ted and Robin than it was about Ted and Tracy.

I did have a couple of complaints about the finale. I thought Barney’s character did a 180 that didn’t make all that much sense. He had grown as a person. All the romantic sincerity he’d picked up just flew out the window.


They tried to redeem him at the very end, but it was too little, too late. He should’ve at least ended up becoming a more sophisticated version of his previous self or something. The devolution felt cheap and forced.

I also didn’t really like the cliché that Robin became toward the end. Lonely spinster with too many dogs? Girl, please. How boring is that? How one-dimensional? It sucked every bit of her cool out of the room.

As for the rest of the story, I was okay with it. Marshall and Lily – good, Ted – fine. The kids were funny. Fast-forwarding through everyone’s lives was a little jarring, especially when the mother died. That was sad. Apparently there was some foreshadowing to this but I totally missed it.

Those are my thoughts. Did you watch it? What did you think?

I heart True Blood

Ok. I’ve been really resistant to the whole vampire culture thing. I think the Twilight craze and general vampire pop culture overkill (I make no excuses for puns) really turned me off of anything vampire related, which sucks (still not sorry) because I love Anne Rice and various other vampire related books and movies. Underworld, Blade, you probably get the picture.

Anyway, so I first heard about True Blood, I rolled my eyes and went on my merry way. I caught a few minutes of it on TV by accident a couple of times, saw fangs and changed the channel.

The husband and I recently decided to give it a shot because we’re kind of out of shows right now. I have to say that I love it. A lot.

I really like the characters. They’re varied enough to make things interesting. Plus they’re Southern, the sexy, intelligent kind of Southern. I like most of them so much that sometimes I get a little jealous that I didn’t come up with them. We’re only on season 1 (DVDs from the library) but I’m sure we’ll get caught up soon.


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Goodbye Mad Love

I read the other day that Mad Love was canceled, which sucks because I was starting to like it. Story-wise, I think it had some trouble from the get-go.

The story started out with an over the top love at first sight romance. They were all like – I know I just saw you for the first time like five seconds ago but I’m completely in love with you. And they stayed up all night just talking and blah blah blah, please make the cutesy stop before I vomit. There wasn’t even any sort of passion between them.

Honestly, the only reason I didn’t change the channel was because I watch whatever the heck comes on before it and I didn’t have anything else to watch.

I blame the writers. Perfection is boring and fake. It doesn’t exist in real life.

Their best friends who fought all the time were more interesting and would’ve made better main characters. Why? Because there was conflict that would have evolved into a romantic relationship. They were witty and had this sort of playground crush dynamic going on.

The story got better with each episode. However, that doesn’t really help them now that the show was canceled. I wish Mad Love had another season or two to really find its footing. Oh well…c’est la vie.

Did anyone else watch it?
Hey, want some free reading? Check out the fiction freebie page on this very blog!
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Poor J. Love

I read that Ghost Whisperer was canceled. Awwwww, I know. I watched that show and liked most of it, despite some of the cheesiness. I always loved J. Love’s outfits and the guy that played her husband brought his hotness to my TV every Friday night.

The part of the show that cracked me up was near the end of every episode. It was the heart to heart talk between the ghost and his/her loved ones, during which the ghost would attempt to make amends with whoever they had harrassed throughout the episode. The ghost would say what they needed to say and then Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character would convey the message to the living, non-ghost whispering types. The problem was, she never accurately conveyed the message to the living. The ghost could go through this whole spiel about why they were acting a fool and how sorry they were, then J. Love would be like, “He says he’s sorry.”

Apparently, when you’re dead, the bottom line is all that matters.


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