OMG is this all she does?

She just like redesigns her covers over and over again?


This is the last redesign for a while. This one is for Love and the Dark. Leftie is old cover. Rightie is new cover. I might still brighten the graphics on it. They might be a smidge too dark.

another-dark-forest-cover      Love and the Dark cover

I didn’t totally despise the old cover, but the new one is more dramatic. I think this may be the first time that I did a whole cover from start to finish in Photoshop. I usually bounce back and forth between Fireworks and Photoshop.

The new design involved a lot of thinking and sketching. I knew I wanted blood, roses, and a gun. My original thought was that I would have the gun sitting in a puddle of blood with the roses above it and then petals falling from them, into the puddle. That didn’t really work out. It was probably too complex for my skill level.

Anyway, the roses are actually a photo of some roses the hubby got me for my birthday. Now they shall live FOREVER!

The print edition will be updated at some point. I thought it would be cool to put the same roses on the back  cover, only flip them so the blooms are right side up and the stems are at the bottom of the book cover, then maybe have the blood drops above blooms.


A New Cover and a NaNoWriMo Update

Man, I don’t know if I’m going to make my Nano deadline. I’m at 42,000 words, which is nothing to sneeze at, but I have like 3 more days to write 8,000 words. Yarg. I’m still trucking, though, and I plan to continue trucking.

I redesigned the cover on my most recent release already. What can I say? I’m indecisive. This one was for Beneath Oceans of Sky.

On the left, we have the original. Rightie is the new one.

Oceans Christmas cover  Christmas Oceans cover

I think the new one is more interesting. I don’t know how I feel about the green. I tinted it that color to make it more Christmassy. It originally looked like this.

new oceans cover for color shifting

I still might use the gold color. I don’t know. I just really need someone who makes all the right decisions to follow me around all day and tell me what to do.

You might be asking yourself why I was working on a cover redesign when I should’ve been Nano writing. I worked on the cover when it wasn’t a good/quiet enough time in my house to write.

Now, I’m going to go write some more.

thought for Sunday and maybe the rest of the week


I grabbed this off facebook and liked it, so I’m posting it here. The world would be more interesting if everyone applied this philosophy to their world view, yes?

I plan to try and be better about blogging this week. I’ve been working out like crazy. Between that and the 40 minute plus commute, I haven’t had much time for blogging, which makes me sad. I do enjoy blogging.

Want to vote for a book cover?

Did you read the Lone Ranger movie bombed? I did not see that coming at all. I still want to see it if I can get to the theater in a timely manner. I think it looks awesome! I wonder why it didn’t do well. Maybe we’re getting a bit too much Johnny Depp in general, like Depp fatigue.

Ok, here’s the deal. I designed the book cover for Pestilence Rising a couple of months ago. I liked it fine. I still like it.

One of the rewards for my upcoming kickstarter campaign is supposed to be a paperback with a limited edition cover. I call it the “galaxy cover”. Now, I don’t know. I might like the galaxy cover better. Do I want to use it as the primary cover?

I thought I would take a vote and see which one I should use as the primary cover.

The only issue I have with the galaxy cover is that it might give people the impression that Pestilence Rising is a sci fi novel. It isn’t. Stars play a big role in the story, but the genre is urban fantasy, which means the settings consist of somewhat ordinary places and current times. No future business.

So today, I want to see what you all think.

Which cover should I use as the primary cover? Galaxy or blue?


PR galaxy cover

Pestilence Rising png cover

pics from the canal

My favorite place to hang in Indianapolis is the canal in the White River State Park. There are all kinds of interesting sites to see down there, art and waterfalls and bridges and such, even gondolas when the weather is warmer. We went there this weekend. I present to you pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

The canal passes beneath some streets and the walls under the bridges are painted. Here are a couple.

The girl looks very Banksy to me.

bubble girl

dragon bridge


Here’s a huge goldfish. We saw many that were the size of bass.

This was a group of musical people who happened to end up in my picture of that pretty waterfall fountain thingy to the right. We had the misfortune of being near them for about half of our walk. They moved slightly slower than us, making their music, which meant when we finally passed them, we couldn’t stop without them catching up to us…with their music. argh.
music people


This last one isn’t from the canal but from either the 24th or the 30th floor of the JW Marriott hotel. FYI, they have a LOVELY executive lounge with fantastic cookies and just about any kind of granola bar you can think of.

Indy skyline from the marriott


That’s it for now. Catch ya later.



a book cover

Hey there! Happy cold ass second day of Spring! When does the warm weather start? I’m ready for it; that’s for sure.

I have a book cover for Pestilence Rising. I planned to post this yesterday but then proceeded to monkey around with it some more, because that’s how I roll.

This actually went pretty well. It’s the fastest cover I’ve made yet. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted. I also had only one reject design. Yay!

The title font is customized, as you can probably tell. It’s supposed to be bone-like, specifically wing bone-like. The original sketch was for a font completely from scratch. The end result after conversion into Fireworks was passable but not awesome, so I switched over to Century Gothic and narrowed it to 80% of its default width. I did end up using the “P” and the “R” that I made. Then I added the bone details to all of the letters and made some adjustments to compensate for the smaller spaces between.

Here’s the finished ebook cover.

Pestilence Rising png cover

The photos are from wikimedia and used on creative commons licenses. Full credits will be listed in the book once it’s published.

Total cover art completion time (including the fail), probably about 5 hours scattered over various days.

The current project is the book trailer. I’m trying not to make it too wordy, but it will still be somewhat wordy. It’s a book. It’s the nature of the thing, you know? Ideal completion time: by Friday, but I never know what issues I might encounter. Realistically, it will probably be 2 weeks or so. Will post as tasks are completed.

Party on.

cover reveal: Llewyn’s Faith

Today we’ve got a cover. This is for a short story that goes with the book I have coming out next year. They story will be free and only in ebook form. Well, you could get it in print if you want to print it out, I guess.

I’m offering up this quick description of the story so there’s some frame of reference. It’s not the official synopsis.

Llewyn is 18 when she runs away from home. She hops a train and encounters a hobo with less than noble intentions. She ends up alone, in the woods, and her journey becomes much more than a trek back to civilization.

She’s the protagonist in the short story and the antagonist in the book.

As for the cover itself, the symbols have no real translation or individual meaning. They’re loosely inspired by some Asian writing.

LLewyns Faith cover mini

The story and the book will probably be out some time in February.