A Book Draws Nigh

A new book is coming! I should have it ready within the next 3, possibly 4, weeks. Probably 4. It’s the second Desmond Winters book.

I’m not doing a huge marketing push for the release, but I will be making the first Desmond book free wherever I’m allowed to do so. That’s the book that will get the bigger push, despite the fact that it has been out for quite some time.

I also updated the print cover for the first book to match the current ebook cover. It looks like this (below)! except for that weird dotted line border business at the top.

Ghosts cover

The next book doesn’t have a cover yet. I do plan to use the border from the wolf cover on the next cover. I thought about drawing a new, similar border, but I decided against it in the interest of both consistency and efficiency.

I’m going to go sketch now.


The cover winner and a book trailer

Results of the book cover vote are in and the blue cover has won! So, we move forward with the blue as the primary cover and the galaxy as the paperback kickstarter edition. It has been decided.

Here is the finished book trailer. I’m still thinking about shopping around for better music.

Want to vote for a book cover?

Did you read the Lone Ranger movie bombed? I did not see that coming at all. I still want to see it if I can get to the theater in a timely manner. I think it looks awesome! I wonder why it didn’t do well. Maybe we’re getting a bit too much Johnny Depp in general, like Depp fatigue.

Ok, here’s the deal. I designed the book cover for Pestilence Rising a couple of months ago. I liked it fine. I still like it.

One of the rewards for my upcoming kickstarter campaign is supposed to be a paperback with a limited edition cover. I call it the “galaxy cover”. Now, I don’t know. I might like the galaxy cover better. Do I want to use it as the primary cover?

I thought I would take a vote and see which one I should use as the primary cover.

The only issue I have with the galaxy cover is that it might give people the impression that Pestilence Rising is a sci fi novel. It isn’t. Stars play a big role in the story, but the genre is urban fantasy, which means the settings consist of somewhat ordinary places and current times. No future business.

So today, I want to see what you all think.

Which cover should I use as the primary cover? Galaxy or blue?


PR galaxy cover

Pestilence Rising png cover

Random updates

We survived the crazy storm, mostly because there wasn’t one. I’m not complaining about that in the least.

I cleared 50,000 words on the rough draft work in progress. In my warped little brain, even though it isn’t finished, I consider it officially book length. Woo!!!

Character concept illustration status 2.8 of 4 complete. I’ve become increasingly fascinated by concept art in general. I’ve spent a lot of time gawking at it on Deviant Art and Pinterest and thinking about how adding that level of visuals to my marketing efforts could really draw people into the stories.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I believe that.

Aside from the realization of what this kind of art could do for my books, I also feel myself settling into a new method of drawing. Part of the delay with the illustrations has been in pushing through the feelings of suckishness to establish a new process.

The new drawing process goes like this. Rough sketch, probably on the ipad. Import it to fireworks to make it a vector so I can nitpick the layout and make initial color selections (which are not final). Send it over to photoshop so I can rough up the lines again to make it look more organic and paint the thing.
If it isn’t freakishly detailed, I could probably do one now, start to finish, in about 6-8 hours. Maybe less if I’m not indecisive.

Unrelated image of the day : scene from the front yard. I don’t know why the background is so hazy. I didn’t alter the image and I don’t live in Silent Hill. The sun wasn’t even over there.




I need to tattoo these words somewhere I can see them every day. I have a tendency to chicken out, not from writing and publishing, thank God, but some marketing activities I could be doing.

I’m delaying the kickstarter again. I’m not chickening out from that. I’m okay with the kickstarter campaign because it’s a win for me no matter the outcome, the consolation prize being free advertising.

The task I’m having trouble with is creating illustrations to go with the book. The goal is to incorporate them into the trailer and use them as marketing tools elsewhere, too.

I’ve been drawing pretty much my whole life. Despite that fact, I’ve never been one of those people who can just whip something up in 30 seconds and have it look perfect. I’ve known people like that. I admire them very much. I wish I could have that level of genius.

So, there are 4 illustrations. Each features a character or two, and those are the most difficult kinds of illustrations for me. I never seem to get them right. I’ve actually had them planned for a while. I put them down, but I can’t get them out of my head, so I pick them back up.

This weekend, I put them aside for the eleventy billionth time. My confidence wavered again. Part of the one I’ve been most focused on the most wasn’t looking as good as I would have liked. Last night, I picked it back up and through some perseverance, I improved it, and when I finished, I realized that I can do this and it can be awesome. I just need to keep going. I can’t let doubt get in the way this time. I don’t want to chicken out again.