Wild Spirits of the Hollow Blog Tour, Day 3

Greetings! I hope everyone is well and fine. More stops today.

First, a randomly-inserted audiobook update – I’m still arguing with Audacity (audio editing software). We may need to seek couples counseling.



Chapter 1 excerpt plus giveaway at Roxanne’s Realm

Interview plus giveaway at Tena Stetler’s Blog

Interview at JB’s Bookworms with Brandy Mulder






Hey-o! Though I have been absent, I yet live.

This book is out. I have a creepy story called Carnival in it.

Indianas Emerging Authors

Here is the link.

A longer thing that I wrote will be available soon. It’s $1.99 while it’s in preorder. The price will increase after the book comes out on 8/28.


Link to the preorder on Amazon

I am currently busy working on too many things and plan to return to the blog on a somewhat regular basis in about a month or so.

Oh, I DO have a blog tour lined up for some days in September, so I will post links for those stops once they are up and running.

I set it up through Bewitching Blog Tours, and I have to say that I am very impressed so far. Roxanne really has her stuff together. Here’s the link for Bewitching Blog Tours if you’re an author and you’d like to check it out. And no one paid me to say that. But, you know, if someone wanted to offer a discount in the future…  🙂

That’s it for now. I’ll return around the 28th. Party on, Wayne.

Ravens & Roses

The eBook version of Ravens & Roses is out today! It’s the last part of the Annabeth trilogy, so no big fanfare, just book.

I also updated the first 2 books with some minor changes and updated cover art.

These should be the final versions. I have a tendency to want to change things, but I’m done with these now. I had fun, but I’m really ready to move on. Here are the new eBook covers. They all match with the last one being a kind of mix between the first 2. The book is a mix of the first 2 in a way, do this makes sense, and it’s right, and it all clicks together nicely.



Here’s the link to the new book on Amazon.

Print copies of all 3 will be out soon.

Love and the Dark is now available in print on CreateSpace and Amazon. Boo yah!

Here’s the link to CreateSpace.

The to-do list is rapidly shrinking! This pleases me greatly.

On Deadlines

I’ve been feeling guilty about pushing out the release schedule for my books. Should I ever get published for real, I don’t want to be that writer who doesn’t meet deadlines. That’s lame.

The situation is different when you’re pretty much on your own, though. There’s the task list associated with the release: cover art, proofreading, book description, marketing stuff, etc. There’s doubt. Did I catch all of the typos? What if I have some plot inconsistency that ruins the whole story? It’s a lot.

I shouldn’t really say I’m on my own. A few people help me out with reading the things before they’re published, and I really do appreciate them, but in the end, it’s up to me to get past whatever is in the way of getting the book to the market.

I say all of this not to make excuses. I don’t want to be that writer.

What I’m saying is the level of discipline is different, or the kind of discipline is different, when I don’t answer to anyone else. There is still plenty of discipline or nothing would ever get done. I have wiggle room with my deadlines because they’re self-imposed. But that doesn’t mean I should be working that way.

So yes. I do feel bad about pushing the books out. I promise they are coming very soon. I already started my final (for real) read-thru on Juniper 2, and I have cover designs in my head for both the first novella and the sequel. Stay tuned.

Rowan’s Book

Today I have a visitor! My writing friend, Rowan, has a new book out. It’s quite an interesting and imaginative read. Below is a bit she’s written about the book.

I would like to think that Charlie, or Tales of Phallusy (as I have officially dubbed it) is a tongue-in-cheek homage, a sarcastic salute, to fantasy.

I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, and it’s pretty much the only genre I read. I love how anything goes, there are no boundaries, or, at least, there could be no boundaries, but there are, in most cases, and they’re the ones that are set out by a non communicative vote. Things like, everyone being impossible beautiful, or incredible fighters with little training, or really strong in magic. If done well, it’s great, but sometimes I just thought, “hmmm, really?”

My mother has said to me numerous times that writers write what they want to read. I’m not sure how valid this is for most of them, but for me, it’s true. I’ve found that I’m most comfortable writing comedy, dark stuff, and most of all, magical stuff. I grew up reading Terry Pratchett, Phillip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones and various others, so it makes sense.

Charlie came about as an idea, just a small one that I had in 2009 and wrote down. It only said something like “Girl, beautiful and smart, been kidnapped and is stuck in an inn, making sarcastic comments.”

Then she sat on my hard drive for a year, until I was reading through my work, and thought about putting her into this scenario I had bobbing about in my head. It worked and from then on I couldn’t stop writing. That scene was cataclysmic for the development of the story. I wrote about 240,000 words in ten months, and that’s with losing between 18,000 and 25,000 words when my hard drive broke (moral of the story, always back up).

Through various people, including my mother and the people at Warrington Wire Writers Group, I decided that it would be better if I split it in half. There was a natural break after about 100,000 words, and I’d thought to finish the book there when I was writing it, but had carried on. I’d always planned on writing two books, but now there might be three.

When writing I didn’t really think about themes or what I was trying to say with this book. I just wrote. Now, having time to analyse it, and look at other materials I’ve written, I suppose there is a consistent theme about domination, especially over women. But at the time of writing, I was mostly, and crudely, thinking, “hur hur, big penis”…I know, I’m very sophisticated.

I didn’t want this to fall into a typical fantasy book, because although I love them, I also hate them. I sort of wanted this book to acknowledge them, but put its own twist on things. It’s always pointed out to me that I’m contrary. I can’t help it.



Pure Phallusy is FREE for download at Smashwords!


book shenanigans both written and recorded

flying books

I go through long spans of time during which nothing really seems to move. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels, hoping to gain some traction. Then, all of a sudden, rapid fire events occur. This week is leaning toward rapid fire.

I have a review/interview about Pestilence Rising at over at Holly U’s blog, Part of that World.

Here is the link to that.

Another review at Hello-BookLover.tumblr.com

Also, I am equally excited to announce that an audiobook for What the Dead Fear is out. An audiobook! It was narrated by the talented Holly Jackson and is available AT THIS LINK.

I think that’s all for now. I have another announcement for an event in October, but I think I’ll hold off on that for now. No need to tack that business into this business.