I am alive

I swear I am. I have no movie post this week, mostly because I have had no time to watch a movie. Isn’t that horrible? I think it is. We’ve been moving our junk to the new place, and the amount of it is overwhelming. I don’t understand how we fit it all in that tiny house.

The new house is bigger, thank God. Living somewhere new after so long (10 years) feels very awkward. The distribution of space is different. Like, the bathroom cabinet, for example. The new one is bigger but it’s divided into so many drawers and tiny cabinets that I can’t fit as much in there.

I haven’t written squat in the last 5 days or so. Maybe a few paragraphs? And the character concept drawings? Honey, fuggettaboutit. I haven’t slapped down line 1. There has also been no tv watching, no working out, very little video gaming, and very little sitting down in general. My life has become an endless series of boxes. I grow weary of this business.

The house will be awesome once we settle in. I know this. And I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans soon enough. Blog attendance will be sporadic for the next week or two.

As for Max, he has already found a new sun beam. His work is done.

moo man


naptown roller girls + star wars

It’s Wednesday! Better than Monday! Better than Tuesday! Today I have pictures. Lots of pictures.

Indianapolis has a roller derby team called the Naptown Roller Girls. We have seen them twice. Both times, they kicked much ass. And somehow, both times, we have ended up in the audience for their annual Star Wars themed bout. I love it – both the derby and the Star Wars.

Ok, sorry for the mix of sizes. Some of these are from my phone. Some of them are from the husband’s phone. Apparently, when you select “small” on the iphone, it sends them in postage stamp size.

This first one is the cover of the program. I love the title of the bout: Looking for Love in Alderaan Places. How freaking great is that?



storm troopers


roller girls

This is me! As you can see, I had some blue in my hair. I didn’t get a pic with the legion because I was busy guarding our seats. The bout was sold out, so places to plant the butts were scarce. I had a man almost sit on my arm. They seriously need to hold these things at a place with better seating.


This is the shirt I bought. It’s Boba Fett’s helmet and the Naptown Roller Girls skull logo. I can’t wait to wear it!



The roller girls are warming up in this pic.



This is my favorite picture. The 501st did this thing where they pushed the roller girls around the track. The pic shows Darth engaged in this activity. I find it quite hilarious.

Darth and the girls


in action

The Stars Wars people are from the 501st Legion. They are very nice, always willing to pose for pictures.


Here’s a link to their website – http://www.501st.com/


Here’s a link to the Naptown Roller Girls on Facebook. The pictures there are way better than my silly phone pictures –




book reading and such

book hats

Hola! I’m still on writing break. I’m starting to miss the writing a bit, but it has still been pretty awesome. I’m currently reading 3 books. I’ve been greedy for the reading, like someone is going to take the books away from me. Lol!

The list goes like this: Last Days by Joyce Carol Oates, The Faith of a Writer by Joyce Carol Oates and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling.

I actually put down Last Days for the moment because the read is almost unbearably tedious. Her writing is amazing, but three stories about American writers interacting with foreign writers and my attention span crashed and burned. I’ll probably finish it before it has to go back to the library.

The Faith of a Writer is actually really short. It’s about writing, of course. It’s almost like a mini literature class. She talks about inspiration and failure and what great writers inspired other great writers. I actually bought this on ebook. I’m glad I did, even though I now have a longer reading list.

I’m just about Joyce Carol Oated-out. Seriously.

I’m reading Chamber of Secrets too. The next writing project (rough draft) is a children’s book. My boy has asked me a couple of times to write a book he could read. I figured some of JK’s magic might rub off. I read the first one but that was a while ago.

I’ll have a few things out between now and the children’s book, though. I still have editing to do!

Tomorrow I’ll have pics from the Naptown Roller Girls bout. I was going to put them up today, but I’ve run out of time.

miscellaneous rambling about recent events

Hello! I am currently on writing vacation, which is great! I needed it after the obsessive editing I just went through. I am currently reading Last Days by Joyce Carol Oates. It’s a short story collection. She’s very good. I dig the intensity of her writing and the way her descriptions dig down to the marrow of a thing.

I finished up the book for the contest. It probably isn’t perfect, but I had to let it go. What is perfect? Anything? I keep having these rushes of insecurity, like did I double-check this or what if that punctuation was wrong? Then I push the doubts away. I did the best I could in the time I allotted for the project. Regardless of win or lose, I like the book. It’s a good read, I think. And to keep my perspective about this whole contest business, I keep this quote in mind.

“The goal is the work itself.”

– W. Eugene Smith

He was a photojournalist I recently read about. I love that quote because it’s so simple and true. Whenever I feel myself slipping into a particular, undesirable mindset, I use that idea as a kind of compass to lead me back to where I began.

There was no movie watching this past weekend because we were at a monster truck thing. This was our second year going. It was dusty and dirty and the stadium was filled with carbon monoxide. In other words, it was quite fun. Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite moments.

The first one is from when the Lucas Oil Crusader plowed through an RV. Nice, right? The second pic is from Maximum Destruction who should have changed his name to Efficient Destruction because he was on the track for 14 seconds before he flipped that thing onto its back. In his defense, he did continue to drive it, somehow, while it was upside down.

This coming weekend, we’re going to the Naptown Roller Girls bout. I’ll probably have pictures of that as well. Ah, I hear tell it’s Star Wars Day.



happiness through purpose

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to offer myself advice. I understand this is a popular sentiment. I wouldn’t just tell myself what troubles to avoid. I would give myself the purpose I feel now when I write.

When I was a kid, I read ravenously, pretty much everything I could get my hands on. They used to track the number of pages we read in elementary school and I was so far ahead of everyone else that they doubted I was actually reading that much. They started having a teacher quiz me on the books.

Then I hit teenagerness. I didn’t read as much unless it was assigned (and sometimes not even then) because I was out trying to see how much trouble I could get into. It was a lot of trouble, btw, in case you were wondering.
I abandoned some really important parts of myself, and I’m certain that if I had stuck with what was important to me as a smaller child, I would have started writing, I mean really writing, sooner. But no. I waited until my mid-twenties to decide I might want to read some fiction again. And maybe start writing too.

If you wait so long to take on an endeavor, everyone who has known you doesn’t understand, especially the people closest to you. They look at you or maybe even ask outright, why are you doing this? What makes you even think you can?

Strangers are sometimes easier to win over.

I try to keep my kids from the hunt for trouble as much as I can. They certainly don’t run as wild as I did, not yet, at least. I hope that they don’t take so long to find their purpose. I want them to have more time doing what they love than I do now.