Orchard Snaps

Today I have pictures! Fall is awesome in Indiana, probably because it’s one of the few times of year that the weather isn’t broiling hot or 9th circle cold. We went to Anderson Orchard in Mooresville recently.

It was a good time. Apples were purchased in both raw and cobbler forms. Here are some pictures!








I also bought this delightful Day of the Dead decoration. It pleases me greatly.





If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you probably known about my cat, Max. He looks like this.


Max isn’t doing so hot. He’s about 15 years old, which is the average lifespan of your average cat. A week or two ago, I had to take him to the vet. They diagnosed him with a uti and gave him like a gallon of antibiotics, which I’m still giving him. Seriously. It’s the never-ending bottle. And they gave him some valium, which I crush up and put in the antibiotics.

I have a plunger that looks like a syringe with no needle, and I have to basically shoot this stuff in his mouth. He doesn’t like it. I don’t like doing it. I’m pretty sure he isn’t happy with me.

The vet also ran some tests and found stage 4 kidney failure and hyperthyroidism. He then perscribed fluids and injections. I did the second iv (the first I had to do by myself) and injection last night, and it was awkward. I didn’t do it all of the way right. I forgot how to open the switch on the iv at first and I forgot to put pressure on the injection point, so the stuff just kind of squirted back out.

He was a good boy about it, and the process wasn’t too traumatic. He let me hold him after we finished, which made me simultaneously happy that he didn’t hate me for sticking him with needles and worried because it could mean he just doesn’t have any fight in him anymore.

I’m conflicted about the whole medication thing. I don’t know whether I’m helping him feel slightly better or whether I’m prolonging his suffering. He hasn’t been eating as well the last 5 or 6 days and he just keeps getting skinnier.

I wish I could ask him what he wants. That would make me feel infinitely better. I also hope he knows that I’m trying to help him. I don’t want him to think I’m punishing him for something or just generally tormenting him.

I do know that unless he is writhing in pain and yowling, I don’t want to have him put down. I don’t have any problem with people who do that. I know sometimes it’s the best option. But if I don’t have to, I would rather he get what he may have left. I can’t take that away from him.

He doesn’t seem to be suffering too much. I know that he is, but outwardly, his demeanor, aside from being a little miffed at me, hasn’t changed too much, so we have that, for now.

I realize there are much bigger problems in the world than my silly, old cat, but in my insignificant corner of the world, he is very important people.

What the heck is this

Ok, I found this partially buried in some dirt today. I thought it was a bone. I still think it looks like a bone, but when I turned it over, there was a fish face.

This first picture is the part that I saw sticking out of the dirt. It has a couple of layers with the inner one having an almost porous texture. Possibly marrow? There’s also the round indentation on one side. I don’t really know that much about bones, but I will say that it seems heavy for the size that it is if it is a bone. It weighed in at 1.4 ounces, so could it be a fossilized bone?




Then I turned it over, and it was looking at me. This side looks like a freakin’ fish head.




This is another view. Don’t mind my adorable fingers in the picture. I was blocking light from the window so the detail would show up. If this were a fish head, this would be the dorsal view. 







Allrighty then, another turn and the “fish” is looking straight at us. In person, it looks more like stone from this angle. The rock or bone or whatever is a couple of colors. Most of it is a pale tan color or a gray color. This part, under what looks like the fish mouth, it’s grayer (more gray?). It looks more like rock where all those little cracks and crevices are.



Piece of a bone? Just a weird rock? I do not know. If anyone has any ideas, I hope you will let me know. I plan to keep it, regardless, because it’s pretty freaky looking. Oh, and I found it in Indiana (US). That’s where I am. That might make some kind of difference. I know there are deer, rabbits, coyote and beaver in the area.


some fall pics

Hey there! I’m posting pics today. These are random scenes from my fall so far. This first picture is of ivy (?) growing on the outer wall of my childhood library. I took the kids there and was pleased to see that it hasn’t really changed much at all, not that it needed to. It really is a beautiful place. I wish I could pick it up and move it to where I live now.


This next picture is a scene from the pumpkin patch we went to. We ended up paying $18 for 2 not-overly-enormous pumpkins. Yup, we got taken like the suckers we are. We will not be returning next year. In this picture, there are smallish pumpkins hanging from the tree. I don’t know what that red thing is, but it looks delightful.


Ooh, yes. The picture below was taken in the Hoosier National Forest. We had a boy scout function there recently. It is really beautiful but terrifying to drive through. Basically, once you leave the paved road, you are on miles upon miles of one-lane-two-way gravel “highways” through the forest, many, many miles, curving, up and down hills, occasionally next to drop-offs.


Speaking of those highways, here’s a shot of one. This was in a flat area, as you can see. I realize part of the hood of the truck is visible in this picture. Please be assured that I wasn’t driving. No life or limb was risked.


Want to vote for a book cover?

Did you read the Lone Ranger movie bombed? I did not see that coming at all. I still want to see it if I can get to the theater in a timely manner. I think it looks awesome! I wonder why it didn’t do well. Maybe we’re getting a bit too much Johnny Depp in general, like Depp fatigue.

Ok, here’s the deal. I designed the book cover for Pestilence Rising a couple of months ago. I liked it fine. I still like it.

One of the rewards for my upcoming kickstarter campaign is supposed to be a paperback with a limited edition cover. I call it the “galaxy cover”. Now, I don’t know. I might like the galaxy cover better. Do I want to use it as the primary cover?

I thought I would take a vote and see which one I should use as the primary cover.

The only issue I have with the galaxy cover is that it might give people the impression that Pestilence Rising is a sci fi novel. It isn’t. Stars play a big role in the story, but the genre is urban fantasy, which means the settings consist of somewhat ordinary places and current times. No future business.

So today, I want to see what you all think.

Which cover should I use as the primary cover? Galaxy or blue?


PR galaxy cover

Pestilence Rising png cover

nightmare fodder. you’re welcome.

My husband showed me this earlier today. Have you ever seen a human skull with the baby teeth still in? We are monsters on the inside, my friends, even the adorable versions of us.

nightmare fodder



In book working news, I have almost completed updating the book trailer for Pestilence Rising, complete with character concept illustrations. This post is actually an attention deficit moment while I should be adding the music. I’ll probably post the trailer to the blog here within the next couple of days.

I am alive

I swear I am. I have no movie post this week, mostly because I have had no time to watch a movie. Isn’t that horrible? I think it is. We’ve been moving our junk to the new place, and the amount of it is overwhelming. I don’t understand how we fit it all in that tiny house.

The new house is bigger, thank God. Living somewhere new after so long (10 years) feels very awkward. The distribution of space is different. Like, the bathroom cabinet, for example. The new one is bigger but it’s divided into so many drawers and tiny cabinets that I can’t fit as much in there.

I haven’t written squat in the last 5 days or so. Maybe a few paragraphs? And the character concept drawings? Honey, fuggettaboutit. I haven’t slapped down line 1. There has also been no tv watching, no working out, very little video gaming, and very little sitting down in general. My life has become an endless series of boxes. I grow weary of this business.

The house will be awesome once we settle in. I know this. And I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans soon enough. Blog attendance will be sporadic for the next week or two.

As for Max, he has already found a new sun beam. His work is done.

moo man